Friday, September 18, 2009

Battle Of The Besans

I'm lucky to have both my mom and mother-in-law near me. Raees being the first grandchild in my family has got my mom totally excited (as you can see the various things she has made for Raees). She also willingly helps Mer and me in taking care of Raees on a daily basis.

My mother-in-law on the other hand comes around every week to visit her latest grandchild. Every time she would share tips and advice in taking care of babies.

What happens when both grandmothers who come from different backgrounds, have different views and ways? Mer and me as parents need to give and take here and there in order to ensure no one gets small-hearted.

Here are 2 examples:

Dilemma 1: Oil

This issue came up when Raees was only a day old. Babies being prone to wind/colic need oil to sooth discomfort, right? My mom had one oil in hand...

...while Mer's mom had this one...

Both were quite persistent campaigning their respective oils. To resolve this, this was what Mer got...

Until today, the 2 other bottles hardly see the light of day...thanks to Bebiku! :D

Dilemma 2: Sleeping Position

My mother suggested that Raees sleep on his tummy in a few months time. It's suppose to decrease colic frequency and he would have a more rounded head.

But my mother-in-law says that's western style. Malays would usually put their babies on their back to get flatter head.

Poor Raees doesn't have a say. If he understands this, I'm sure he'll get a headache.

How do we plan to resolve this issue?

Looks like we don't need to. Raees has done us all a favour by picking his favourite sleeping position. Sideways!

Despite their differences, they have one thing in common - both of them are excited with Raees' arrival and they mean well. My boy is lucky to have his Tok Ma and Tok Mama around and Mer and me are grateful that they're there to lend us a helping hand :)