Friday, September 25, 2009

1 Month Young

It has been the most amazing month! And it's all because of you, Raees.

You've made mommy and daddy so happy even when you do nothing but blink and stare at us. When you flash us that beautiful smile, it's infectious. When you go "berrr'' or "eh eh", we reply with a "berrr" or "eh eh" too. Hehe!

You've given us so much joy and you have no idea. Mommy and daddy are looking forward for more joyful moments with you, my dear.


fazlinil irma said...

hai mummy raees..
sekejap je masa berlalu..
tup..tup..dah sebulan ye raees skrg..
ehm..x lama lg irin pun dah habis pantang :)

salam kenal2..suka baca cerita mommy raees..

IRIN PUTRI said...

Hi Fazlinil..

Rasa cam baru je kena induce..tau2 dah sebulan.

Yea, 2 minggu lagi habis pantang :)

Salam kenal :)