Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Card From My Handsome Boy

Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone :) I'm enjoying my time as a 20-something year old...even more with handsome boy Raees around.

The highlight of my birthday came in the morning when I found this card hidden under Raees' blanket...

Hehe..who would've thought my 1 month old baby is good at surprises and SO sweeett!

I think the best part is his last sentence...

Glad you know it, handsome boy :)

Thank you, Raees! Mommy loves you so much *muax*

Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Mommy

My darling Raees,

Mommy is another year old today!

Usually daddy would bring mommy out for a nice birthday dinner but this year is a bit different coz mommy is confined at home with you.

So how do you think we should spend our day? Maybe mommy will start by giving you a bubble bath. Try not to pee on mommy again k? :)

While you're in your best mood, we could just hang out and play before I put you to sleep.

Who needs a party when I have you? :)


Sunday, September 27, 2009

2 Girls, 2 Boys?

The nice thing about being an early blogger is that I get to look back at old posts and laugh at myself.

Picture taken around the time I started blogging...we looked so young!

Here's one that I find interesting, titled If I Have A Sister. It was written just after my MMU years and before I got employed at TV3.

"When I was young, I often asked my mom for a sister...It's kinna bored being the only girl in the family."

My wish somewhat came true when I got married...I now have sister-in-laws!

"That's why when I have kids, I'm gonna make sure I have at least a pair of girls and boys so that they won't feel bored like I do now."

Haha! It's easier said than done. Now that I have handsome boy Raees, I'm not sure I can handle having 4 or more children.

Ah well, time will tell. Maybe in a few years time I will look back at this post and laugh at it just like I'm doing now, along with Raees (and his 3 siblings?)

"I guess it's too late to ask for a sister now huh? I guess we shall look forward for the 3rd generation of our family then."

It's amazing how much things have changed in 5 years, huh? Who knows how much more will change in 5 years to come? How will Raees look like then? Sure handsome kan? :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

1 Month Young

It has been the most amazing month! And it's all because of you, Raees.

You've made mommy and daddy so happy even when you do nothing but blink and stare at us. When you flash us that beautiful smile, it's infectious. When you go "berrr'' or "eh eh", we reply with a "berrr" or "eh eh" too. Hehe!

You've given us so much joy and you have no idea. Mommy and daddy are looking forward for more joyful moments with you, my dear.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lets Talk About The Mommy For A Change

Ever since Raees came into the picture, my blog has been all about that handsome boy. Well, let's just divert the attention back to me, shall we? :D

The past month of confinement, my mother took good care of me just like how my late grandmother did her years ago. She would quote my granny...

"It's very important to take very good care of your body after you have your first child. If you only start with the second, third child and so on, it doesn't work so much."

So my mom paid close attention to the things I eat and do. Since my room is upstairs, I hardly go down unless really necessary because I'm suppose to limit my movements. Food is sent to my room 4 times a day - breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

Oh, I feel so spoilt :P

My favourite pancakes and cereal for breakfast

Most of the time I have the traditional corset a.k.a. bengkung on, which is put on me by who else but me mama...

It's a simple 10 meter cloth that is tied around me very tightly. Here's how it looks like when untied...

Uh, here's the best part. Underneath I'm covered in a mixture of limestone paste (kapur) and lime (asam limau). They're suppose to help shrink my belly and lighten the skin tone.

At times I have to resist taking the bengkung off coz I would feel itchy. But thinking how tedious it is to put back on, I would just scratch from the outside..hehe..

Food-wise, I was told to stay away from cold food/drinks. What do I do if I feel like having, say, sirap bandung laici? I would have it at room temperature. Same goes for apple juice. Although not as nice, at least I get a taste of it ;)

Being a sweet-tooth, I can't go on without snacks for long before I search high and low for some. Since I can't have ice cream, chocolates will do...

I have about 2 more weeks to go with confinement. Hope to return to my pre-preggers size and weight soon! I know, I know, chocolates don't help...cannot tahan lah :P

But I am making progress, aren't I?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My First Mail!

Look what the postman brought me today...

My very first mail and it came all the way from London!

I remember going there a few months back (when I was comfortably in mommy's belly) and stayed at Auntie Leen and Uncle Rizal's place.

And they were nice enough to send me this wonderful card...

Love you too!

Auntie Leen, Auntie Leen...I'm looking forward for the arrival of my future partner in crime. Take care of the little guy in there OK :)

Oh, I forgot. Mommy told me it's important to thank people when they do something nice. The card is really nice...so thank you Auntie Leen! Thank you Uncle Rizal!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mommy Explains About Raees' Baju Raya

My handsome boy Raees,

What are the odds of Tok Mama's sewing machine breaking down just 2 days before Hari Raya. Sorry you didn't get to wear your first traditional attire, sayang. We'll save it for your aqiqah ok? The machine should be fixed by then.

Instead of going traditional, you went international instead. Mommy put the nice 2-piece on you, one that daddy bought in Germany. You know, that time we didn't know if you were a girl or boy. But daddy had good instinct and chose blue.

This year mommy and daddy went with the blue theme to match you, Raees. However before we managed to take a family photo, an incident happened. I'm sure you remember the incident where you created a fountain on the changing mat that got your top wet.

It's like a blessing in disguise. If you had worn the official baju raya, there wouldn't be a back up traditional attire.

So daddy searched your drawer for another blue top in an effort to maintain our theme colour. Do you remember mommy buying a dark blue Scotland t-shirt for you when mommy and daddy went for the Europe tour with you in the belly?

My cheeky little Scottish boy

Don't we look nice with the different shades of blue? :)

And on the second day of Hari Raya, mommy chose the bright red top for you. This one mommy got when mommy went to Germany with your favourite cartoonist, Lat.

That time you were not in mommy's belly yet. Initially mommy bought this as a gift for mommy's friend who just had a baby but daddy said, "keep it for our baby."

So after almost a year of safe keeping, finally the t-shirt is on you, my boy. And you look so handsome!

Hope you enjoyed your first Hari Raya, Raees.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Raees' Raya Greeting

Since the day I was born, everyone (except for mommy) has been fasting. Daddy said today is the last day he needs to fast. Poor daddy...he didn't wake up for sahur this morning coz he was too exhausted changing my nappy and waiting for me to fall asleep til 3 am.

Mommy said tomorrow I will meet many relatives that I have yet to meet and I might get a lot of money from them too. Yay!

I'm SO looking forward for Hari Raya.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Battle Of The Besans

I'm lucky to have both my mom and mother-in-law near me. Raees being the first grandchild in my family has got my mom totally excited (as you can see the various things she has made for Raees). She also willingly helps Mer and me in taking care of Raees on a daily basis.

My mother-in-law on the other hand comes around every week to visit her latest grandchild. Every time she would share tips and advice in taking care of babies.

What happens when both grandmothers who come from different backgrounds, have different views and ways? Mer and me as parents need to give and take here and there in order to ensure no one gets small-hearted.

Here are 2 examples:

Dilemma 1: Oil

This issue came up when Raees was only a day old. Babies being prone to wind/colic need oil to sooth discomfort, right? My mom had one oil in hand...

...while Mer's mom had this one...

Both were quite persistent campaigning their respective oils. To resolve this, this was what Mer got...

Until today, the 2 other bottles hardly see the light of day...thanks to Bebiku! :D

Dilemma 2: Sleeping Position

My mother suggested that Raees sleep on his tummy in a few months time. It's suppose to decrease colic frequency and he would have a more rounded head.

But my mother-in-law says that's western style. Malays would usually put their babies on their back to get flatter head.

Poor Raees doesn't have a say. If he understands this, I'm sure he'll get a headache.

How do we plan to resolve this issue?

Looks like we don't need to. Raees has done us all a favour by picking his favourite sleeping position. Sideways!

Despite their differences, they have one thing in common - both of them are excited with Raees' arrival and they mean well. My boy is lucky to have his Tok Ma and Tok Mama around and Mer and me are grateful that they're there to lend us a helping hand :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Raya Raees

With the new addition at home (plus not being eligible to fast), fasting month felt like it flew by me. Usually at this time of the year, I would either be busy at work completing advance episodes before going off for Raya holidays, baking cookies, preparing to go back to Kelantan or out shopping for Raya things.

Last year's Ramadan - shooting with the army

There was a time when I was tiny and busy baking

Lemang, anyone?

This time around I went, when's raya again?

Being in confinement means I won't be needing raya shoes since people will be coming over to my place instead. Clothes, you say? I got 1 ready. Yeah, just 1. But it doesn't matter so much coz the highlight of this year's Hari Raya will be none other than my handsome boy, Raees :)

We want to make sure he'll be at his handsomest on 1 Syawal, so he's gonna have his very first Raya attire - custom made by his Tok Mama.

Raees' baju raya in the making

Oh, I'm sure my boy is gonna look amazing! Can't wait for Raya now :D

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Frequency Days

Raees has changed his feeding habits in the past 3 days.

Before this he feeds every 2-3 hours for about 30-40 minutes each time. However lately, he's been demanding milk almost every hour (and sometimes within less than an hour) with each session lasting an average of 15 minutes.

So I googled about sudden increase in breastfeeding frequency in babies and this was what I found out: Babies at about 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months of age go through a phase called growth spurts. For 2-3 days, they will feed more often.

OK that helped. But it didn't mention about the shorter duration of each feeding. So can Raees be considered going through growth spurts right now?

He hiccups and stretches a lot though - a sign of growth, according to old wives' tale ;)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Raees On Webcam

Confinement is not as bad nor boring as some people said it would be...for me at least.

I never knew caring for my bundle of joy will take so much of my time. I used to be a couch potato and now with my boy around, I hardly touch the TV remote control. When Raees is asleep, I'm usually online. When he's feeding, occasionally I go online too. Like right now for example - typing single handedly. Hehe!

But Raees hardly slept today. So what did we do to kill time? We had a webcam session with Mer at work :D

Raees loves the laptop. Besides staring at himself on screen, I put on Sesame Street and he was hooked! In between we would say hello to Mer.

He's getting an early start with IT. Is that a sign that he'll follow his daddy's footsteps? Hmm...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Raees Speaking Out

I LOVE bath time.

It's my favourite part of the day. I usually give my cue for bath around 8 in the morning after mommy feeds me and when I've done my big business. And today was extra special coz mommy bathed me for the first time!

Usually Tok Mama does it. However today mommy took charge coz she doesn't want to rely on Tok Mama all the time. Mommy was being very careful with me but she did a good job anyway. But at one point I couldn't hold it anymore and peed on mommy. Sorry mommy!

With fresh clothes, diapers and undergarments (barut)...I feel so fresh! I'm usually in my best mood at this time.

Mommy finished it off by brushing my hair and then showered me with kisses and said, "You're such a handsome boy!" She says that a lot :)

Mommy then laid me on the bed so I can play with daddy, while it was mommy's turn to take her bath.

Soon I got hungry again.

Somehow I get hungry a lot since yesterday...I think I needed feeding almost every hour. I guess it's because I'm growing. Usually I would sleep after feeding but today I've been wide awake most of the time. I only slept on mommy's lap while we were watching TV together.

Mommy in her confinement gear

The best place to sleep...mommy's lap

But once she put me down, I was awake again...and hungry.