Sunday, August 23, 2009

Off To Become A Mom

Baby boy,

We gave you one week free stay and looks like you're still not ready to come out. Enjoying your swim in there I suppose (not like there's much space left).

That's you at 3 months old. You were so tiny!

Sorry baby boy, time is up.

Daddy will bring us to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning and the nice doctor will give mommy some medication to get you to come out.

Mommy's scared, baby boy...

But the excitement of finally meeting you tomorrow surpasses everything else. I wonder how you look like. Do you have more of mommy or daddy's features?

From the 3D scan taken 3 months ago it looked like you have mommy's nose. You even opened your eyes to pose. Clever boy :) We'll compare with the 3D scan once you're born k?

In the mean time, mommy and daddy are busy preparing for our trip to the hospital and to welcome you to the world.

See you soon, baby boy.



jetsetter said...

Good Luck.I always pray for you :-)
Cant wait to see your baby!

AkaZukii said...

hi irin..aishah here..

semoga selamat semuanya..amin

overdue ek? like me dulu gaks..seminggu lewat bb taknak kluar..mesti comel..jangan lupa berpantang, makan vitamin, breastfeed n REST!


nerry nerry strawbery said...

I pray for you.. cant wait to see the baby... take careee.. it's gonna hurt but all worth...