Friday, August 07, 2009

Grandma's Delicate Hands

My mom being a housewife ever since I was born, has always kept herself busy. With the first grandchild on the way, she has been the busiest person at home. Besides knitting booties, sewing bedsheets and pillow cases, she has come up with yet another masterpiece.

I've always wanted a bassinet for our baby and a pimped up bassinet was what she made! Not just the basic basket, cloth and cushion at the bottom...she even made cushions at the side plus double layered cover (cloth+lining).

I'm lucky my mom has the talent, patience and effort to do things like these. Saves us a lot of money too. Thanks Ma..can't wait to bring my baby around it in :)

1 comment:

shara said...

well hun, your mom has always always makes these beautiful things long long ago..guess, we tend to appreciate more when we're older kan..;p