Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From Mommy To Baby

Baby boy,

You're having so much fun playing in there aren't you? If you think the umbilical cord is fun, well you haven't seen what mommy and daddy have prepared for you out here. Just look at your comfortable crib and the colourful toys that are waiting for you.

Are you practicing swallowing? No wonder you're frequently having hiccups. Enjoy the taste of chocolate and ice cream while you can because it will be many, many months before you're able to taste them for real.

Daddy says, transform and roll out! Too bad you're too young for a Transformers toy. When you're big enough, daddy will buy lots of Transformers toys so you and daddy can play together. Wouldn't that be fun, baby boy? :)

Mommy and daddy are anxious, excited and really looking forward to holding you in our arms. Come out soon, baby boy.



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