Friday, August 28, 2009

The Day You Came In To Our Lives

Baby boy,

Mommy and daddy could hardly sleep the night before we had to go to the hospital. We're finally gonna meet you!

We got there around 9.30am and was brought in to the labour room. The nice nurse gave mommy medication around 10.50am to start labour.

Mommy didn't feel much at first and watched quite a number of movies. One movie that mommy watched was Wall-E. I'm sure you were also entertained in there :)

By 6pm, mommy start to feel pain but still tolerable. Close to 8pm, pain was more intense and came around 1 min apart, that mommy used Lamaze breathing to help cope.

At 10.10pm, after mommy went to the loo, the water that you've been swimming in broke! Doctor checked and said mommy dilated 2cm! At this time, mommy thought you were coming out soon. But doctor said you'll be out the next morning.

By midnight, mommy couldn't stand it anymore because there was a long way to go. To help mommy sleep and save energy to push you out, mommy asked the doctor to put the pain away by giving mommy an epidural.

Phew! Finally mommy can sleep. You know baby boy, mommy haven't been able to sleep well for so many nights because mommy was anxiously waiting for you.

Around 9am, doctor said you're ready to come out. Yay!!

You were suppose to look down but instead you were facing upwards. I guess you prefer to explore the world right away rather than stare at the labour room floor. Mommy tried pushing you out anyway but after 1 hour doctor said he has to help mommy bring you out using a vacuum.

Exactly 10.12am - you were born!

Mommy couldn't believe after months of seeing your movements through my belly, you are now on my chest as the nurses clean you up. And when you let out that wonderful first cry, mommy couldn't help but cry along with you.

You're finally here, Raees Aryan...



Suraya Yeop Jr said...

congrats irin and hubby! my eyes teared as i read ur post. well done mommy! now i cant wait for my turn :)

Ida said...

congrats irin! I had the same case, my son keluar facing upwards. Luckily he was small and therefore doct tak potong byk. Else if he was slightly bigger, i might even have to go for c-sect coz takot potong byk sgt. But neway,all pain r gone the moment u c the lil baby kann.. ;D

IRIN PUTRI said...

thanx girls! i don't know how much the doc cut and i don't intend to find out..hehe! takut pulak bila sendiri kena cut and stitched.