Monday, August 10, 2009

Anxiously Waiting For You

This is what I see every time I look down...

It's so far forward that if you look from the side it takes up 2/3 of my profile body length. I still get a lot of 'are you sure you're not having twins?'

Some even question my obgyn's credibility 'are you sure the doctor checked properly?'

While others expertly say 'your baby is big' - FYI doctor says my baby's weight is normal :P

It's less than a week to my due date and at times I can feel the strain at my lower abdomen from carrying this bundle of joy. Every time I sit it's as if I have a watermelon on my lap. Every night when I'm just about to doze off, the little one does Tai Chi (and sometimes karate).

I'm sure gonna miss all that once my baby boy makes his debut. Anyone wants to take a guess when that will be?

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