Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Yucky yuck yuck

About a week ago I experienced my first food poisoning. Boy, it wasn't pretty! It all started in the wee hours on Sunday...

I woke up and felt a disturbance in the force...with force I mean my stomach. A trip to the loo confirmed my worries. After about half an hour it still didn't feel right but decided to head to bed anyway coz I was getting tired sitting on the toilet.

Woke up again with another disturbance and went for round 2, then back to bed.

Woke up again with a different kind of disturbance in the force. There I was leaning over the sink when kuey teow and pasta came rushing out.

I was going back and forth between the bed and the bathroom a couple more times til daylight.

Went to the clinic and got a 4-5 types of medicine. I was told to stay away from solid food, milk and fried food for 2 days. I slept throughout the sunny Sunday. Despite of that, the disturbance didn't slow down til sundown.

Then another problem surfaced - my temperature was rising (I found out after officiating the new digital thermometer that we got for the baby..haha!)

By Monday morning the fever was gone and no more disturbance. I still went with doctor's advice by having non-solid food. But it didn't end there coz in the evening yet another problem surfaced - I was itchy and scratchy with rashes that looked like huge mosquito bites. Again I didn't have a good nights sleep. Hmph!

Tuesday came by and I went for my second trip to the clinic. Doctor said it could be an allergy that's part and parcel of the food poisoning I had earlier. By now, my appetite wasn't as good as before. I was exhausted beyond believe! Simple tasks like wearing my shoes left me gasping for air.

I was scheduled to host WHI on Wednesday with Azizah. There was one part where I was suppose to be outside the studio alone for the chef's demo. I requested to switch this with my partner coz I doubt I could stand very long.

That same evening had a routine check up with my OBGYN and found out I lost 2kg! Good thing it didn't affect my baby in anyway.

My appetite finally improved yesterday and my energy level is way up now. All in all, it took over a week for me to fully recover.

That's it! No more eating out (unless it's at a posh, classy restaurant?)

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