Saturday, July 04, 2009

So penat

I look forward for weekends coz that's when Mer and I will hang out, be it shopping for baby/mommy things, watch a movie, have a nice lunch/dinner etc.

There you have it, me at 8 months pregnant

But today our day out was cut short.

We were at The Curve looking to buy baby things. We found what we needed within half an hour and as we were paying for our things I needed to take a seat.

News flash: I can hardly stand/walk for a long period of time!

So that was it. We made our way home right after that. It must have been the shortest trip to The Curve for us.


twayblade said...

irin, do walk a lot at this stage. it'll aid u during labour. and practise doing kegel exercise. itupun berguna gak. lastly, enjoy every moment of ur baby moving and kicking inside, coz that's the one thing i miss most bila dah bersalin.

Kasih said...

“ Ya Tuhan kurniakanlah kepadaku dari sisi-Mu zuriat ( anak ) yang baik sempurna (tidak cacat ). Sesungguhnya Engkau sentiasa mendengar dan menerima rayuan dan doa hamba Mu”