Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ever wonder how two 8-month-preggers look like after lunch? Well, wonder no more...

We had a nice lunch and were slumped at MHI's sofa. My stomach seems a lot sharper as compared to Azzura's, right? That's what many people think so. I think today I got the most 'OMG, your stomach's so big!' and for the 58th time 'are you having twins?'

Well, looking at these picture, I don't blame them. I was shocked to see myself at this angle:

Our due dates are only a week apart

Oh yeah, I'm due in exactly 1 month! *panic* Wish me luck and do pray for my baby's well being..thanx guys!

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epu said...

u kena put credit siapa yang ambik gambar tau...haaaaaa