Thursday, July 02, 2009

Office - second home?

Earlier this year the Majalah 3 team along with a few others were forced to move in order to make way for renovation. After half a year, the first phase of the renovation is pretty much done and we moved yet again. This is how the new office looks like:

My new desk...

Don't like it that much coz it's a lot smaller than before. Not much leg room too. One cabinet is enough to take up half the space...hmph!

Here's the thing...renovation is only half way done and the other half is just about to start, which will place the Magazine & Documentary Department (that's our unit). Right now we tumpang the Entertainnment & Sports Department's office. Soon we will need to move yet again.

I don't bother to unpack my boxes so I leave things as minimal as possible. Thus my desk is very empty, except for a few essentials.

Hand Hygiene Foamer - very important coz I like to eat at my desk and I'm too lazy to walk to the toilet to wash my hands everytime.

A Bloomberg tag to 'mark my territory'. The only thing that tells people "this is Irin's desk". I got this tag when I attended a Bloomberg training session at KLCC Twin Towers recently.

So there you have it people, my new temporary office/desk ;)

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