Monday, July 27, 2009

Live Talk Show 101

When most Malaysians are resting/snoozing at home getting ready to face a new working week, our production team on the other hand are hard at work in Studio B, Sri Pentas.

Studio B Panel

Join me as I bring you behind the scene of Stock Watch :)

The 2 most important people in the panel - producer (right) and studio director (middle). Studio director is....well, the director lah. He directs on camera angles and gives cues for visual playback and much more.

Mr. Producer

Mr. Producer is the captain of the ship who ensures the programme goes on smoothly without hitting any icebergs along the way.

Production Assistant 1

Production Assistant 1 controls the text that appears on screen e.g. name, email address, ending credits etc.

Production Assistant 2

Behind the trio we have Production Assistant 2 who controls the visual playback e.g. montage, stories/reports done by me and other fellow journalists.

Overdressed, very-pregnant journalist

And then you have me - the journalist - who does her part in controlling the prompter. FYI, I don't usually dress up like that at work especially on a Sunday night. I came straight from a wedding reception lah :P

I control the prompter by moving that little round thing and make sure I don't go too fast that the host isn't able to read it, or too slow that she might stall.

There are many other people involved in getting the show up and running but my heavy behind was lazy to get up from where I was comfortably seated.

There's another panel that controls the audio, another that controls the lighting and of course, the studio itself where the host does her stuff along with 2-3 cameramen and a floor manager. Phew! Did I miss out anyone? Oh yeah, there's a props man who ensures the set is in order.

Ah well, there you have it, live talk show 101. That's all for today kids!

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