Friday, July 03, 2009

Growing Baby Bump

Being pregnant is wonderful :)

First of all, it stops people from asking me the same old boring question.
3 years of honeymoon was nice, you know. All the time to ourselves to do whatever we wish, spend as much time with work and achieve what we want in career.

I know life is not all about work but it still plays a significant role, right? Age does catch on fast and both Mer and I feel comfortable career-wise. So we's time.

People couldn't tell I was pregnant in the first 4 months. I felt good all the way and worked as usual. The bump took quite some time to show itself.

Jan 2009 - Shoot for WHI, 2 months on

Early Feb - karaoke with CO of KD Lekiu on board his ship during Majalah 3 shoot

Late Feb - Jom Heboh Melaka

March - Another shoot with the Navy, this time bump is starting to show.
Take a closer look...

By this time I was 4 months on, people were very helpful and being all nice to me.
I like it..hehe!

Early April - Tiny bump becoming quite obvious

Late April - No way of hiding. This was the last time I managed to button my JomHeboh shirt.

Mer once said we should tour Europe before having a baby. Holding on that, we booked the flight to London in May. I was about 6 months pregnant by then. But I was still strong enough to walk, although I needed frequent stops to rest and eat. I got a lot of privileges being pregnant - a seat in a crowded tube, permission to jump queue at the mall/toilet, change of seat on the flight. It turned out to be the vacation of our dreams :)

May 2009 - Europe tour! Had a lot of McD's Filet-O-Fish and fries which contributed to the weight gain.

6 months and still going strong

Mer has been such an angel too. When we're at home, I hardly need to get up coz he would do almost everything for me. I'm being spoiled really good. Oh well, better enjoy it while it lasts :D

June - WHI live @ Aquaria

Azzura and me - 7-month pregnant mommies-to-be

My latest picture at 8 months preggy would have to wait :P

Now that the time is really close to actually holding our baby in our arms, the excitement is overwhelming. Part of me wants the baby to come out soon but my conscience says hang on just a lil bit longer (full term). I guess many first time mothers-to-be feel that way.

With my stomach growing really big, I'm running out of clothes to wear. It feels such a waste to buy new clothes when I only have one more month to go. Hmm...

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