Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ferrero Dream

A few days back, Mer suprised me with this...

A friend of mine from Germany introduced it to me last year and until now, it remains as the best tasting chocolate ever!

I've been craving for it for many months but unfortunately it's quite difficult to find in Malaysia. There was a time when Mer and me went around KLIA looking for it but none of the chocolate shops had it. I settled with a Hershey's dark chocolate instead..but it wasn't the same!

We even checked out the imported chocolate shop in One Utama and left disappointed.

There was a time when Mer went to Germany (for work of course) but didn't have the time to get the choc. After months of just thinking about it, finally I have a whole box to myself...woohoo!

It's the dark chocolate version of Ferrero Rocher. Trust me, it's deliciousss! I take every bite as slow as possible to savour its taste.

After one bite of the crunchy dark chocolate shell and then there's the sweet creamy dark chocolate filling...yummmmy!

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