Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Day Prep

It's 5 weeks before baby's due. I've got almost everything I need before labor day. I've even packed my hospital bag - filled with mommy, daddy and, of course, baby's things :)

Mom told me it's essential to pack along a kain batik. So I packed one that Mer's late grandmother gave me during my first visit to Kelantan.

There aren't many occasions where I wear kain batik so this will be my first time wearing it. If Mer's granny was around, I'm sure she would be very happy to see me in it.

I've also packed along these adorable looking booties!

Judging by the colour many would've guessed the sex of the baby :P

Believe it or not, they were knitted by my mom! She did that along with a few other pairs, a snowcap (as I like to call it) and a cute looking top. She's really into DIY. Besides knitting, she will also sew baby's bedsheet (cribsheet?). That's not done yet coz we just received baby's matress today.

It was made by my granduncle out of kekabu. I was told that's it's a lot cooler and comfortable for babies. It is way cheaper too. Latex matress cost about RM300-400. I got this, along with the baby bolster and pillow, for about RM100 only. Pretty cool, eh?

So looks like everything is set. Although there's about a month to go and I gradually get heavier and bigger, I still go out for assignments. Can't wait to go on maternity leave!


Mrs Imran said...

kain batik is among the essentials, but I didn't wear it when i was at the hospital.

hospital will provide sarong and way easier for u since you don't need to wash it yourself.

oh not to forget the pad. get urself the normal pad [overnight is better to cater the heavy flow for the first few days], coz the maternity ones is super lousy. trust me.

i loike ur blog. care to exchange link? and i think u r pretty too :)

blog hopping from Mommy of triplets

mommy kam said...

hye Irin,

Kamelia here from MMU if you remember me.. Congratulations on your pregnancy.. very pretty mommy you are :p

The kekabu mattress looks so comfy! Does your granduncle take orders? Or do you know where I can get them? Want to buy one for my son.. the one we have is not that comfortable..

Anyway, when I was in pantang, apart from kain batik, I found dresses/gowns with buttons on the top part (for easy bf) very useful too.. easier to don as I am very bad at tying the sarong.. wonder how some people can actually sleep in them ;p

IRIN PUTRI said...

My granduncle does take orders. His shop is in Setapak. Just give him the measurements and he'll get it done for you. I can give you his number if you want.

Anyways, thanx for the tips!

mommy kam said...

great! Can i have his number? Email me at kay.. Thanx dear.. Owh and good luck for d day..