Friday, July 31, 2009

Count down...

I'm unofficially on maternity leave! About 2 weeks towards my due date, my first born will arrive anytime now. Equally excited is my mom who has been sewing day and night. Check out how she pimped the crib...

She made these from scratch - the satin cover, cotton bedsheets, pillow and bolster case. Mer thinks it's too nice for everyday use. But my mom being a perfectionist, it's nothing but the best.

Mer and me have been preparing ourselves too. Just last night Mer practiced holding a baby with the bolster..hehe! As for me, I've been getting as much sleep as possible during the night, knowing that I may be changing diapers and feeding most of the night when our baby arrives.

From my readings, it says babies will not move as much towards the end of the pregnancy. But my baby is still moving around like nobody's business whether it's in the day or at night. It is quite nice actually..coz the movements reminds me he's there to keep me company when daddy's out at work :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

She will always be remembered...


Live Talk Show 101

When most Malaysians are resting/snoozing at home getting ready to face a new working week, our production team on the other hand are hard at work in Studio B, Sri Pentas.

Studio B Panel

Join me as I bring you behind the scene of Stock Watch :)

The 2 most important people in the panel - producer (right) and studio director (middle). Studio director is....well, the director lah. He directs on camera angles and gives cues for visual playback and much more.

Mr. Producer

Mr. Producer is the captain of the ship who ensures the programme goes on smoothly without hitting any icebergs along the way.

Production Assistant 1

Production Assistant 1 controls the text that appears on screen e.g. name, email address, ending credits etc.

Production Assistant 2

Behind the trio we have Production Assistant 2 who controls the visual playback e.g. montage, stories/reports done by me and other fellow journalists.

Overdressed, very-pregnant journalist

And then you have me - the journalist - who does her part in controlling the prompter. FYI, I don't usually dress up like that at work especially on a Sunday night. I came straight from a wedding reception lah :P

I control the prompter by moving that little round thing and make sure I don't go too fast that the host isn't able to read it, or too slow that she might stall.

There are many other people involved in getting the show up and running but my heavy behind was lazy to get up from where I was comfortably seated.

There's another panel that controls the audio, another that controls the lighting and of course, the studio itself where the host does her stuff along with 2-3 cameramen and a floor manager. Phew! Did I miss out anyone? Oh yeah, there's a props man who ensures the set is in order.

Ah well, there you have it, live talk show 101. That's all for today kids!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dr. Irin?

There was a time when wearing masks was a norm for me as I prepare to see someone being operated upon.

Had to hang wear my TV3 tag so people don't confuse me for one of them nurses

Like blast from the past...I'm back wearing masks. You see, a colleague - whom I last met on Sunday night for Stock Watch live transmission - is down with swine flu/H1N1.

Mer freaked upon hearing this. I had no choice but to go to the office to get some things to enable me to do work at home. He made me use the mask although I ended up looking kinna odd.

Oh well, whatever is best for me and my baby :)

see you soon mommy!

"See you next week (for another appointment) if not at the labour room"

OMG! Doctor said by next week my pregnancy is considered full term, so I can deliver anytime next week onwards! I AM SO FREAKIN' SCARED thinking about it, so I won't.

So what do I do to put my mind off the excruciating pain that I will encounter in the next few days/weeks? Work work work..but then again, there's not much work to do. Hmm..

Ah, cleaning!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Look where mommy brought me...

The last assignment for Majalah 3 I did when I was 4 months pregnant. Of all places, my baby and me went into an abandoned tin mine in Sg. Lembing, Pahang.

It was once the largest underground tin mine in the world. When I say largest I do mean large and very deep. Believe it or not, miners back then went about 2300feet underground - almost twice the height of KLCC twin towers!

Fast forward to the future - my crew and me (and baby) explored the mine. We stayed on ground since underground is not accessible anymore.

Going into the mine with Pak Ali, one of the earliest miners - tummy alert!

At first I was a little bit reluctant to go in coz even the ladies from the Sg. Lembing Museum didn't dare join us. I braved myself for the sake of my story, took each step as carefully as possible and stayed close to our guide.

The plan was to go just a few meters in to get a few shot of place. We ended up going as far as 500 meters in! We probably spent about 2 hours in the mine.

Haih..the places I go and the things I do with my baby. He might grow up being one adventurous kid!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Behind the scene

I thought the WHI promo was never gonna be aired! It was shot way back in January, when one look at me and no one would've guessed I was pregnant. You may see a similar picture in my previous post. Anyways, glad that it's finally on TV!


I'm sure most of you have seen the AKPK ad on TV. It was shot in Aug 2007 in Cyberjaya, which took half a day. I was already working that time but I still fit the part as a student anyway right? Hehe..

I had experience with small roles before, this was the first time I became the main talent and was an interesting experience for me. Also, I look kinna chubby in it, don't cha think so?

I attended an AKPK event last year and the agency people were surprised too see that I was not as chubby. It's the camera angle added pounds especially to my cheeks :P

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ever wonder how two 8-month-preggers look like after lunch? Well, wonder no more...

We had a nice lunch and were slumped at MHI's sofa. My stomach seems a lot sharper as compared to Azzura's, right? That's what many people think so. I think today I got the most 'OMG, your stomach's so big!' and for the 58th time 'are you having twins?'

Well, looking at these picture, I don't blame them. I was shocked to see myself at this angle:

Our due dates are only a week apart

Oh yeah, I'm due in exactly 1 month! *panic* Wish me luck and do pray for my baby's well being..thanx guys!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Look, mommy's doing the chicken dance!

This video was taken last February when I was on assignment for Majalah 3 special on Royal Malaysian Navy where I spent 2 nights sailing onboard a navy ship.

On our last night there, the crewmen entertained us with karaoke and BBQ. Being the military, poco-poco was definitely in the agenda.

So here you have it, me poco-pocoing at 3 months pregnant :P

My Thunder Cats

Take a look at what happens when 5 out of my 6 cats are in the house.

There's Grandma Paris, Grandaunt Leia, Uncle Harry, Aunt Chewie and the youngest of all, Snowy. His mommy (Paris Jr.) is not in the video though.

There is no need for fancy pet toys. A simple balled up aluminium foil is enough to keep them occupied.

Ferrero Dream

A few days back, Mer suprised me with this...

A friend of mine from Germany introduced it to me last year and until now, it remains as the best tasting chocolate ever!

I've been craving for it for many months but unfortunately it's quite difficult to find in Malaysia. There was a time when Mer and me went around KLIA looking for it but none of the chocolate shops had it. I settled with a Hershey's dark chocolate instead..but it wasn't the same!

We even checked out the imported chocolate shop in One Utama and left disappointed.

There was a time when Mer went to Germany (for work of course) but didn't have the time to get the choc. After months of just thinking about it, finally I have a whole box to myself...woohoo!

It's the dark chocolate version of Ferrero Rocher. Trust me, it's deliciousss! I take every bite as slow as possible to savour its taste.

After one bite of the crunchy dark chocolate shell and then there's the sweet creamy dark chocolate filling...yummmmy!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Day Prep

It's 5 weeks before baby's due. I've got almost everything I need before labor day. I've even packed my hospital bag - filled with mommy, daddy and, of course, baby's things :)

Mom told me it's essential to pack along a kain batik. So I packed one that Mer's late grandmother gave me during my first visit to Kelantan.

There aren't many occasions where I wear kain batik so this will be my first time wearing it. If Mer's granny was around, I'm sure she would be very happy to see me in it.

I've also packed along these adorable looking booties!

Judging by the colour many would've guessed the sex of the baby :P

Believe it or not, they were knitted by my mom! She did that along with a few other pairs, a snowcap (as I like to call it) and a cute looking top. She's really into DIY. Besides knitting, she will also sew baby's bedsheet (cribsheet?). That's not done yet coz we just received baby's matress today.

It was made by my granduncle out of kekabu. I was told that's it's a lot cooler and comfortable for babies. It is way cheaper too. Latex matress cost about RM300-400. I got this, along with the baby bolster and pillow, for about RM100 only. Pretty cool, eh?

So looks like everything is set. Although there's about a month to go and I gradually get heavier and bigger, I still go out for assignments. Can't wait to go on maternity leave!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Who's that on TV?

Mer on MHI 8 July 2009 ;)

Oreo Mud Pie in motion

Remember the Oreo Mud Pie I made last weekend? I uploaded it on TryMasak..hehe! I linked it here for you people. But do leave a comment about it in TryMasak website ok? Thanx!

Oh yeah, somewhere in this video you can see a glimpse of my huge tummy. See if you can spot it ;)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

One Mud Pie Done!

I made this :)

With an oreo crust, a layer of chocolate icecream, a few scoops of cappucino icecream and topped with whipped cream and oreo crumbs...I made my very first oreo mud pie! I guess the reason it's called 'mud pie' is because it looks like mud?

Being in Malaysia, the icecream easily melts...nothing I can do about it.

Believe me, it is yuummmmyyyyy!

Monday, July 06, 2009


Here's a sneak peek at my weekend project...

Twist, lick, dunk?

FYI, it's oreo crumbs

The end result coming soon :)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

So penat

I look forward for weekends coz that's when Mer and I will hang out, be it shopping for baby/mommy things, watch a movie, have a nice lunch/dinner etc.

There you have it, me at 8 months pregnant

But today our day out was cut short.

We were at The Curve looking to buy baby things. We found what we needed within half an hour and as we were paying for our things I needed to take a seat.

News flash: I can hardly stand/walk for a long period of time!

So that was it. We made our way home right after that. It must have been the shortest trip to The Curve for us.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Growing Baby Bump

Being pregnant is wonderful :)

First of all, it stops people from asking me the same old boring question.
3 years of honeymoon was nice, you know. All the time to ourselves to do whatever we wish, spend as much time with work and achieve what we want in career.

I know life is not all about work but it still plays a significant role, right? Age does catch on fast and both Mer and I feel comfortable career-wise. So we's time.

People couldn't tell I was pregnant in the first 4 months. I felt good all the way and worked as usual. The bump took quite some time to show itself.

Jan 2009 - Shoot for WHI, 2 months on

Early Feb - karaoke with CO of KD Lekiu on board his ship during Majalah 3 shoot

Late Feb - Jom Heboh Melaka

March - Another shoot with the Navy, this time bump is starting to show.
Take a closer look...

By this time I was 4 months on, people were very helpful and being all nice to me.
I like it..hehe!

Early April - Tiny bump becoming quite obvious

Late April - No way of hiding. This was the last time I managed to button my JomHeboh shirt.

Mer once said we should tour Europe before having a baby. Holding on that, we booked the flight to London in May. I was about 6 months pregnant by then. But I was still strong enough to walk, although I needed frequent stops to rest and eat. I got a lot of privileges being pregnant - a seat in a crowded tube, permission to jump queue at the mall/toilet, change of seat on the flight. It turned out to be the vacation of our dreams :)

May 2009 - Europe tour! Had a lot of McD's Filet-O-Fish and fries which contributed to the weight gain.

6 months and still going strong

Mer has been such an angel too. When we're at home, I hardly need to get up coz he would do almost everything for me. I'm being spoiled really good. Oh well, better enjoy it while it lasts :D

June - WHI live @ Aquaria

Azzura and me - 7-month pregnant mommies-to-be

My latest picture at 8 months preggy would have to wait :P

Now that the time is really close to actually holding our baby in our arms, the excitement is overwhelming. Part of me wants the baby to come out soon but my conscience says hang on just a lil bit longer (full term). I guess many first time mothers-to-be feel that way.

With my stomach growing really big, I'm running out of clothes to wear. It feels such a waste to buy new clothes when I only have one more month to go. Hmm...

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Office - second home?

Earlier this year the Majalah 3 team along with a few others were forced to move in order to make way for renovation. After half a year, the first phase of the renovation is pretty much done and we moved yet again. This is how the new office looks like:

My new desk...

Don't like it that much coz it's a lot smaller than before. Not much leg room too. One cabinet is enough to take up half the space...hmph!

Here's the thing...renovation is only half way done and the other half is just about to start, which will place the Magazine & Documentary Department (that's our unit). Right now we tumpang the Entertainnment & Sports Department's office. Soon we will need to move yet again.

I don't bother to unpack my boxes so I leave things as minimal as possible. Thus my desk is very empty, except for a few essentials.

Hand Hygiene Foamer - very important coz I like to eat at my desk and I'm too lazy to walk to the toilet to wash my hands everytime.

A Bloomberg tag to 'mark my territory'. The only thing that tells people "this is Irin's desk". I got this tag when I attended a Bloomberg training session at KLCC Twin Towers recently.

So there you have it people, my new temporary office/desk ;)