Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2009 so far

As many of you may notice, I neglected this blog for over half a year to the extend I had to close it temporarily. I promised myself that I will start blogging again and come back with a new layout (after using the previous one for over 4 years!)

So ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. Presenting....my blog! *applause*

To commemorate this day, have a cheese dip on me :)

2009 is such an eventful year for me. It makes me wonder why I didn't blog about it to begin with. Aargh..bad Irin, bad! So here's 2009 in a glance..

1. I began hosting Wanita Hari Ini starting January ;)

2. I worked on another 1-hour military story for Majalah 3, this time on the Navy.

I went sailing on KD Lekiu for 2 nights. Such amazing experience! Got on a helicopter again...wee! So I've conquered it all - Malaysian army, air force and navy. So proud of myself :)

3. Went on a second honeymoon with Mer to London, Paris & Scotland, to celebrate our 3rd anniversary :D

4. The biggest of the biggest of the biggest news...


Well, some of you may have found out via FB or TV..but those who didn't know... I AM SO PREGNANT!

At first it feels so surreal to say it out loud. I couldn't believe that I'm actually gonna be a mom!

Believe it or not, throughout the pregnancy I did all of the above. My baby has gone to many places and joined me in adventures on land, sea and sky. I'm lucky that I didn't experience any morning sickness and was capable of working and doing things that I normally would do.

Now that I'm at my last month of pregnancy, things have slowed down and my stomach has grown really HUGE. I just can't wait to meet my lil baby, who is expected to come out in August.

Do pray that everything goes well for me and my bundle of joy.


Rossy @ Farah said...

irin..tq for continuing back and opening ur blog...last time when i found out it was closed for private, sungguh disspointed. I've been your follower since 2004 tau...
p/s: still remember me?MMuian jugak...

IRIN PUTRI said...

Hi Rossy...thank you for following my blog yang tak seberapa ni. I'm touched :)

Erm, sorry can't really recall. Hey add me on FB. I'm sure I would recognize your face ;)

mom-to-be said...

Hi Irin,

Just happened to chance upon your blog and I really enjoyed reading it.

May I know how many months were you in when you went traveling? Could you share with me how's the feeling like in flight? Is the air pressure alright?

We have a holiday planned earlier on and now I am getting worried because I will be more than 28 weeks by the time we go.

Thanks in advance!


IRIN PUTRI said...

Hi mom-to-be!

Glad you like reading my posts ;) I went there in early may. I was due in mid aug..so it was just before I entered the 3rd trimester. The flight was comfortable for me. Air pressure was fine although my feet ballooned. After a bit of walking upon landing it was back to normal.

Remember to get the letter from your doctor that clarifies that you are fit to travel. As long as your genea gives the green light I guess there's nothing to worry about. Enjoy your vacation!

mom-to-be said...

Hi Irin,

Thank you so much for the reply.

I didn't know about the swelling part. I guess we have to walk around after sitting for too long, huh?

Yes, gotta enjoy my holiday!

Have a nice day!