Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I made this!

I admit that I'm not much of a cook. But when it comes to something I love (sweet, tempting and delicious), I put a lot of effort into it.

Check out this video on Mango Smoothie. That's me doing my thing!

2009 so far

As many of you may notice, I neglected this blog for over half a year to the extend I had to close it temporarily. I promised myself that I will start blogging again and come back with a new layout (after using the previous one for over 4 years!)

So ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. Presenting....my blog! *applause*

To commemorate this day, have a cheese dip on me :)

2009 is such an eventful year for me. It makes me wonder why I didn't blog about it to begin with. Aargh..bad Irin, bad! So here's 2009 in a glance..

1. I began hosting Wanita Hari Ini starting January ;)

2. I worked on another 1-hour military story for Majalah 3, this time on the Navy.

I went sailing on KD Lekiu for 2 nights. Such amazing experience! Got on a helicopter again...wee! So I've conquered it all - Malaysian army, air force and navy. So proud of myself :)

3. Went on a second honeymoon with Mer to London, Paris & Scotland, to celebrate our 3rd anniversary :D

4. The biggest of the biggest of the biggest news...


Well, some of you may have found out via FB or TV..but those who didn't know... I AM SO PREGNANT!

At first it feels so surreal to say it out loud. I couldn't believe that I'm actually gonna be a mom!

Believe it or not, throughout the pregnancy I did all of the above. My baby has gone to many places and joined me in adventures on land, sea and sky. I'm lucky that I didn't experience any morning sickness and was capable of working and doing things that I normally would do.

Now that I'm at my last month of pregnancy, things have slowed down and my stomach has grown really HUGE. I just can't wait to meet my lil baby, who is expected to come out in August.

Do pray that everything goes well for me and my bundle of joy.