Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Border Guys

My recent assignment at the Thai border was as what I expected. Tiring but a whole lot of fun :)

My funny chubby cameraman (in red t-shirt) who made the trip very enjoyable

First scene was the physical training. It was suppose to be light PT during fasting month. But for shooting purposes, the guys had to it repeatedly - average of 6-7 times. Each time it included 10 push ups and 10 stars jumps. Imagine the torture we made them go through! Haha.. But it turned out good on TV :)

If that wasn't enough, we also made them run quite a distance.

The guys standing by to run

The crew and the bosses checking out the visual of the guys running

We then proceed with the main part of the story, which is the border patrol. The high rank officers including the Commanding Officer of Kor Armor DiRaja were a bunch of nice people and a whole lot of fun to be around with. It made the shoot a whole lot more interesting and the shooting went smoothly with their great cooperation.

Me with the high rank officers at the Thai border wall, overlooking Thai land

The whole crew were fasting that day. It was almost non-stop shoot from early morning to late night. During the night scene, it was raining all the way. The kind soldiers let us borrow their ultra cool raincoats...very nice! Wish I could've brought it back with me.


After a long first day of shoot, we were all set for the second day which included the bicycle scene. I did my standupper on the bike by the Thai border fence where landmines were located 30 years back. Many people said I look like a school kid going to school! Hmph!

There are a lot more interesting behind the scene pictures to share, including one on an armored vehicle. Wait for it...

For now check out the final result - one which I completed in 2 days after coming back from Bkt. Kayu Hitam.

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mior jr. said...

hi irin @ putri. 1st time sy tgk awk di tv3, x sure rancangan ape... majalah3 kot (pasal tenggiling). awk ni nampak lemah lembut la.. tp xtvt2 yg awk buat nampak mencabar sy rase bg org pompuan. nothing to say here just 'selamat berpuase'.. n sy harap kita bole berkwn mulai saat ini.. smile n keep up with yr nice job.