Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Shanghai Mali

I apologize for the long overdued post on my Shanghai trip. But nevertheless, it's here now!

My trip involved 13 other people from the media and MASKargo. We took a 1.40 am flight direct to Shanghai and guess what? They put us up on Business Class. How cool is that? :)

We were each given a portable media set. I was going through it and found 'Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan' programme in it.

I was watching Jumper when they served satay for supper.

It was almost 3 am so I couldn't finish the whole thing. Then came another round of food.

All in all, there were 4 courses for us at 3 am! We were offered cheese cake for dessert but as tempting as it sounds, I just couldn't eat anymore...not at that time.

MASKargo treated us really well too. We didn't need to worry about food as they were all taken care of. We had our meals at posh restaurants too, Halal of course.

Arab restaurant

Japanese restaurant

However some of us were not used to eating raw fish. Being a japanese restaurant, there was a lot of it. I lost count on how many courses we had, it could probably be around 10.

After a tiring first day, we were all geared up for the Air Cargo China 2008, a transport and logistic exhibition. It was the main reason we were brought to Shanghai as MASKargo took part in the huge event.

We attended the event for 2 days and the next day was purely tours. We were brought to Zhou Zhoang, Shanghai's oldest water village which is also called Venice of the East.

It's amazing to see how the village was preserved since hundreds of years. It felt like we were back in the Ming Dynasty.

On the last night there, a bunch of us decided to explore Shanghai on our own by taking the subway from our hotel to the city center.

We had to do quite a bit of walking too but it was worth it! We managed to do some shopping for myself, family and friends.

I LOVE shopping in Shanghai. On the last day before we left for the airport, we had our last round of shopping. That was the one time I went all out and bought so many things. I almost went crazy looking at all the things China has to offer at such affordable price.

I wanna go back to China!
Check out part 1 of my feature in Shanghai. This is purely on MASKargo. Part 2 will be more on travel and living Shanghai which is due to be aired soon :)

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