Friday, June 06, 2008

Military Gal

As I mentioned before, I love working with the military. I guess because of the way they were trained, they give 100% dedication to our shoots and they treat us really well. They make sure we are well fed, comfortable and satisfied with the shots. It's not just because I'm a girl, OK? :P

The first shoot I did for this episode was about 2 months ago when they had a maritime search and rescue practice mission in Kuantan. I travelled from Subang to Kuantan Air Base via a VIP aircraft - pilotted by the No. 3 man in the Air Force, such an honour.

From Kuantan Air Base we went to the Navy Base via helicopter - Nuri to be exact. This time some of us civilians were kinna freaked thinking about the recent crash. Alhamdulillah the flight went smoothly.

From there we took a Navy ship to the middle of the sea to observe the practice mission being done. So that's 3 types of transportation in a day - plane, heli and ship - how cool is that? :D

The practice mission involved a 4-engine aircraft, Charlie C-130, flying low in search for the 'survivor', mark the location with flares then fly higher to drop the rescue boat and pararescue team.

The guy in the picture below was part of that team. Here he is explaining the contents of his rescue kit. Cool diving suit, eh?

While I was at the base, I was given the chance to try out the static jump training at the 40ft tower. You people may remember this from the show.

Honestly I wasn't scared of the height. It's more of anticipating the fall when I jump off the tower.

Once that part was over, I just enjoyed the view from above. However it didn't go as fast as I expected because I didn't weigh enough. Haha..

I went too slow that I didn't reach the 'finish line'. Now here's one thing that was edited out from the show where they pulled me further front to a higher ground.

I lost one earring but it was a fun ride nevertheless :)

Other highlights of the shoot for me was the fact that we were the first media allowed in the Air Force Operational Center where they monitor all flights within the country. A highly guarded secret location.

Here is a picture of me explaining the radar screen behind me and then messing up my line. Hehe..

We received positive feedback from various people and I am glad we managed to meet their expectations. Hope you people enjoyed it as much as we did producing this special report :)

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