Sunday, April 20, 2008

very old news

I've been using Mer's laptop today and found many interesting, important pictures that I sort of forgotten about. One of which is the award I received last year. I blogged about it, but never updated the post with the picture to prove it. So here it is people!

March 2007

So much has happened within a year, eh? The then health minister caused quite a stir in the media with his video. Gan, my then producer (standing left most in the picture above), mentioned that he didn't like the way the minister looked at me in 2 occasions when I received an award from him - the other occasion being in 2006.

13 Apr 2008 marked the 4th anniversary of my blog..hooray! Although I slacked quite a bit last year in the updating part, now I managed to regain the momentum. Yay me!

This blog started as one of my post-university activities. I was waiting for my final exam results and started searching for a job. My first post was about my 2nd anniversary with Mer. Hehe.. Today marks our 6th anniversary, if that counts.

While 2 Apr 2008 marked our 2nd wedding anniversary. It was celebrated in low key mainly because I was tied up with work, getting the monkey story done. The sacrifices I make for you viewers...but it's worth it :)

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