Saturday, April 19, 2008

crazy monkeys

Thanks to those who watched my special report on wild monkeys last week. I am glad that many enjoyed it :)

However I received a different kind of feedback regarding a particular attire I had on. I thought being an outdoor shoot, I would wear something sporty and comfortable, like a collared baby-t. In fact I wore that particular pink top for a shoot and did not receive any complains. Check out my story on LIMA 2007.

But this time around many pointed out that it was not suitable. I didn't realise that until people mentioned it after the episode was aired. I will be more careful about selecting my wardrobe next time.

The second part of the episode I got my trainee, Hafizul, to help out. You may notice him in the Ulu Yam scene.

This next segment on the vet is interesting not so much on retrieving the blood sample but to anesthetise the monkey and see it get high. Funny scene..hehe..

Some people say I still have traces of MedikTV on me as I touched a bit on the medical side of monkeys. If you people noticed in the Tapir episode, there was a scene on treating the wound of the 3-legged Tapir.

The opening of this next segment, where we see the wildlife rengers trapping an angry monkey, was coincidental. We were on a convoy to move the trap (as featured in the first segment) when the wildlife rengers detoured to the coffee shop. We thought they were stopping for drinks. Only when we got out of the car we were told that they were gonna capture a monkey. Violent one even.

We also featured how violent these creatures get. A monkey did a bite-and-run on a 9 month old baby and now at 3 years old he is still scarred on the cheek. I didn't think the scar would still be that obvious. I thought that as he grows the scar would fade. But apparently not. Poor boy...

My former producer and guru, Gan, called me an animal doctor :P I have a thing for animals, except a certain few that I'm afraid of. I don't mind doing more stories on animals. Any suggestions?


Yuzray Eusoph said...

I am an animal lover as well, but I missed to watch this episode. Thank you very much for posting it in ur blog.
On ur attire, I don't really understand why those people complaints about it. It's neither sexy nor revealing, maybe there are at times when you wear the sling bag, it does reveal a bit of your nice curves but that's normal! We've seen much worse on our local and national TV, so go the heck with those people.
I wish I can be in ur line of work, but never got the opportunity though i got the qualification...

Irin said...

Ah well, that was their opinion. I just have to take it under consideration.