Wednesday, April 30, 2008

military gal

Shoots with the military is always interesting and great experience for me personally. They go to great lengths for us to get great shots and they treat us really well. This week I have the honour of doing another story with the military.

I had the chance to join one of their training sessions which involves me jumping off a 40ft tower. Don't believe me? I'll have the picture posted soon. Hey, I'm not just a girly girl..I can be adventurous too :P

Next week I'm back to shooting animals...I just love them :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Music unites

This is one of the more laid-back story I've prepared so far. Enjoy!

Friday, April 25, 2008

60s TV

If you like 60s music, mainly Malay music from that era, you might enjoy my story tomorrow on Majalah 3.

I met a '60s malay music' fanatic and he's not even malay! Don't let me started on his album collection...his house is like a small record store.

Do check it out ;)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

very old news

I've been using Mer's laptop today and found many interesting, important pictures that I sort of forgotten about. One of which is the award I received last year. I blogged about it, but never updated the post with the picture to prove it. So here it is people!

March 2007

So much has happened within a year, eh? The then health minister caused quite a stir in the media with his video. Gan, my then producer (standing left most in the picture above), mentioned that he didn't like the way the minister looked at me in 2 occasions when I received an award from him - the other occasion being in 2006.

13 Apr 2008 marked the 4th anniversary of my blog..hooray! Although I slacked quite a bit last year in the updating part, now I managed to regain the momentum. Yay me!

This blog started as one of my post-university activities. I was waiting for my final exam results and started searching for a job. My first post was about my 2nd anniversary with Mer. Hehe.. Today marks our 6th anniversary, if that counts.

While 2 Apr 2008 marked our 2nd wedding anniversary. It was celebrated in low key mainly because I was tied up with work, getting the monkey story done. The sacrifices I make for you viewers...but it's worth it :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

crazy monkeys

Thanks to those who watched my special report on wild monkeys last week. I am glad that many enjoyed it :)

However I received a different kind of feedback regarding a particular attire I had on. I thought being an outdoor shoot, I would wear something sporty and comfortable, like a collared baby-t. In fact I wore that particular pink top for a shoot and did not receive any complains. Check out my story on LIMA 2007.

But this time around many pointed out that it was not suitable. I didn't realise that until people mentioned it after the episode was aired. I will be more careful about selecting my wardrobe next time.

The second part of the episode I got my trainee, Hafizul, to help out. You may notice him in the Ulu Yam scene.

This next segment on the vet is interesting not so much on retrieving the blood sample but to anesthetise the monkey and see it get high. Funny scene..hehe..

Some people say I still have traces of MedikTV on me as I touched a bit on the medical side of monkeys. If you people noticed in the Tapir episode, there was a scene on treating the wound of the 3-legged Tapir.

The opening of this next segment, where we see the wildlife rengers trapping an angry monkey, was coincidental. We were on a convoy to move the trap (as featured in the first segment) when the wildlife rengers detoured to the coffee shop. We thought they were stopping for drinks. Only when we got out of the car we were told that they were gonna capture a monkey. Violent one even.

We also featured how violent these creatures get. A monkey did a bite-and-run on a 9 month old baby and now at 3 years old he is still scarred on the cheek. I didn't think the scar would still be that obvious. I thought that as he grows the scar would fade. But apparently not. Poor boy...

My former producer and guru, Gan, called me an animal doctor :P I have a thing for animals, except a certain few that I'm afraid of. I don't mind doing more stories on animals. Any suggestions?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

monkey see monkey do

For the last 2 weeks I've been around the outskirts of Selangor shooting monkeys. Never knew how intelligent these creatures are. They have a group leader who fathers (almost) all the young ones and help rescue trapped group members.

And now I know how the term 'monkey see monkey do' came about...these monkeys literally imitate what they see just for the sake of imitating. Not so bright there..hehe..

Check out my one-hour special report on monkeys this Saturday on Majalah 3 at 9 pm ;)