Wednesday, March 12, 2008

International Kites In Our Sky

Another story of mine scheduled to be aired this Saturday night. This time around it's about freakishly-fancy kites! You'll be able to see a whole lot of 'em on the show. Very interesting ;)

Just look at them!

I did this feature a few weeks back in conjuction with the International Kite Festival at Pasir Gudang Johor. There were hundreds of kite flyers from all over the world. Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Lebanon, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, England, Africa...just to name a few.

We featured the French team though. Imagine, they brought 200kg worth of kites for this event! Madness! And there's just something about the french accent that's quite sexy. But they don't look as sexy..hehe!

Interview with the french team leader, Philippe

On the last day, we checked out from the hotel and went to the location. As we attempted to park, the unexpected happened...

Our van wouldn't start :(

While our pilot was at the workshop to get it fixed, the cameraman and me proceed with the shoot. It turns out the alternator was broken and they couldn't find the spare part that suits this NEW van. Imagine we had to drive back to KL that very day!

They fully charged the battery and we drove back to KL at 5pm with the aircond switched OFF. Wasn't comfortable I tell you. We switched on the lights at night time but it slowly went dim, although the van was still drivable.

We reached Damansara toll around 8.30pm and that was when the van decided to call it quits. It stalled at the toll booth. Phew! Good thing we were only 1-2 km away from the office. Called our transport department to come rescue us and that was the end of our journey.

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