Friday, January 11, 2008

When I was 5...

I'm feeling rather nostalgic today...just bear with me. This is quite a 'cute' post actually, if it can described that way.

Here's how much I remember about 1987.

It was my second year at Villamaria Kindergarden in Damansara Heights. My cousin went to the same kindergarden as me, so I carpooled with my uncle, Pak Teh, in the morning.

At that age I was already very critical about my hair. My mom would do my hair nicely in the morning before she sends my dad to work. But there were times when I insisted that I want to do my hair on my own.

I took such a long parents have left, Pak Teh was at the door waiting for me...and I was crying in front of the mirror coz I couldn't get my hair to look nice. Pak Teh would come over to help do my hair and I would stop crying only when it was nice.

I remember this happening at least twice.

There was one time when my mom trimmed my hair and I didn't sit still. In the end, my hair was fairly short. I stared at myself in the mirror and cried so hard...hehe!

I also remember being the 'blue eyed girl' at the kindergarden. I was part of the band (I played the triangle), choir (one song I remember singing was 'Lenggang Kangkung') and best of all I was the 'puteri payung' (direct translation: Umbrella Princess) in a stage performance.

I remember a few dayang (chamber maids) bathing me and later we were attacked by this evil monster. That was when my hero came to the rescue and we ended up getting married.

Funny thing is, during rehearals I never once held hands with the hero. But during the actual play, we did! That added 'value' to the play as we were both genuinely very shy, looked at each other then giggled..hehehe!

Those were the times...

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