Friday, September 21, 2007

Individual Desire

MedikTV is taking a break for the year and right now I'm doing a Shell sponsored segment in Majalah3 (check it out on Saturdays 9pm). While doing research on driving and accidents for my script, I came across a defensive driving website. Check out its intro :

"The road accidents cause a big loss of the country. It involved a highest injured, suffered and death in Malaysia. The history of road accident is like never ending. Even though the need of fluent and safety travel still became one of the government and individual desire."

Individual desire? Hehehe..

That's just the first paragraph..there's a whole page of it! You think it was written by a student? Think again... The quote was from here. I'm not saying that my English is perfect or anything, but this is just too much!

The more I read it, the more confused I get. I took some time to digest the info and try to figure out what they're trying to say. In the end, I searched elsewhere.

My latest craze :D

Kerispatih - Rock RnB...weeee!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Merdeka Kittens!

Double joy this Merdeka!

Not only did the country celebrating 50 years of independence (and I was part of the parade), Paris gave birth to 5 beautiful and handsome kitties!

And she's an excellent mother too.

But I can't tell which are male and female just yet. So no names given at the moment.

I prepared for their birth about a week before by placing the cage in our powder room, lining the interior with layers of towels and covering its exterior with blanket for privacy. Food, drink, litter box and scratching pole were all set in there. Not forgetting some clean hand towels in case we needed to touch the kittens (can't have contact with our skin or their mommy might abandon them - so I've read).

Too bad I was not around to witness their birth as I was at the parade. But glad everything went well.

As part of Merdeka parade preparation, I was up at 4.30am on Tuesday and Wednesday to make it for the rehearsals at Merdeka Square. Good thing they gave us a day off on Thursday. On the actual event, Friday, I was up as early as 3.30 am!

At dawn - standing by for the real thing

Although we reached our waiting point, which is at the National Mosque, at 6 am (rehearsal days) and 5.30 am (on the actual day), we only started marching at about 9 am. We reached our finishing line, the Mara building, within 30 mins. Then it was another 2 km walk back to the bus. As soon as the bus reached the office, I went to the spa :D

Happy Birthday to my Mer!

He celebrated his **th birthday on 2nd Sept. I can't mention his age. It's a sensitive issue..hehe!

Since he wasn't actually looking forward to this particular birthday, I planned a low-key celebration. Had this family over for lunch where his mom and me cooked his favourite dish, Gulai Ketam (Crab cooked with coconut milk and spices). And for dessert was Baskin Robbins' icecream cake...yummy!

Lastly, I treated him to dinner at TGIF and look at what he did while waiting for our food...

writing to-do list / resolution

Mer, Mer...always something to do, eh?

Happy Birthday babe! Love ya ;)