Monday, August 20, 2007


Hey peeps..I've completed part 1 of MedikTV Merdeka special. Don't miss it on 1st September 2007 at 5 pm.

For those who missed the 'circumcision' episode that was aired in June, fret not! It will be repeated this Saturday 25th Aug, at 5pm. It's a very interesting story personally for me because we compared the traditional and modern circumcision on YOUNG boys. Yes, we shot an actual circumcisions :) The kids are the stars of the show. So don't miss it (again)!

I'm currently working on the last episode of MedikTV for the year, the part 2 of Merdeka special episode. After that, most probably I will not be doing MedikTV anymore, after 3 years. It's a relief but at the same time quite difficult for me because the show is like my little baby. I've seen it grow since the era of Maznah, Mastura then 'Me'. Worked with 4 different producers, 6 different journalists, 2 different production assistants, countless hospitals, doctors and patients, about 60 episodes on health issues, not forgetting 2 awards.

But hey, everyone has to move on right? Will MedikTV be back for a new season? I hope so. If it is coming back, will I be doing it still? Who knows? Questions, questions, questions...

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zod said...

nicely done.
keep it up...