Friday, July 27, 2007

Bowling For Soup

I've renewed my interest in bowling...hooray! Now I have a real hobby.

I never expected to seriously bowl. It first started back during my university years. Wanted to join sports but something convenient that requires less energy and less sweaty (yes, I'm one lazy girl).

With zero knowledge in bowling, I started off as MMU Bowling Club Vice President when I was in my first year and promoted to President during my second year. But I was more on the organization side rather than actually playing the sport. One time someone had the nerve to ask me, "Can you lift the ball? (giggles)" And it was the first time I met this OLD lady. Maybe SHE couldn't even lift an 8-pound ball...grrr...

By the way, bowling was what brought Mer and me together. He happened to be a bowler and wanted to join one of the tournaments I organized back then, where one of it is the couples' category. He wanted me to join him. Quite slick this guy :) In fact, the first picture we had together was taken by Syu (our cupid) at the bowling game. She took a candid of us looking at the score screen. I can only describe the picture because it couldn't be located :(

Over 2 years working, I got back to the bowling scene but this time more of a bowler representing TV3. Started with Fiesta Media Idola in Kuantan earlier this year, which led to a string of other tournaments. Check out these FMI pictures:

During FMIlaunching @ Sri Pentas

With the NTV7 guys team playing at the lane beside ours

TV3 team (from left: Eyva, Jue, Me, Puspa, Regina)

The most recent was Media Prima's Sports Carnival Bowling Tournament. I was part of team SHREK ( represents Green NOT Fat & Ugly :P ) My team won 1st place in the woman's category :D

UBowl, One Utama

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