Friday, February 23, 2007

Spirit of Thaipusam's been a while hasn't it? So much for my new year resolution. But anyway, I'm here now aren't I? :D

I'm not much of an advanture junkie. Adventurous people would say "I've conquered Mount Kinabalu!" As for me, now I could say "I've conquered Batu Caves...twice!"

In conjunction with Thaipusam, MedikTV was there for 2 days to see St John Ambulance volunteers in action! And action we got...and more! If you watched that particular episod on 17 Feb, you would've noticed we went up close to see the devotees being pierced, carrying the Kavadis and such. Plus the visitors fainting and injured and many other cases that needed medical attention.

But the most interesting for me was to see these American twins going through the ritual as well. Since there isn't any medical explanation on how the devotees feel no pain, they wanted to try it themselves. They're doctors by the way. They were there with Discovery Channel crew who filmed their 'out of body' experience.

One of the coolest episodes I've done so far :)

* Pictures to be included