Thursday, January 25, 2007

Al-Fatihah for my Nenek

It was a typical busy Monday. I was finalizing an episode, about to do voice over and preparing for an assignment in the afternoon.

At 11.15 am, my brother called...

Bro: Nenek is not breathing!
Me: Give her mobilizer!
Bro: It's not working!
Me: Give her CPR!
Bro: I don't know how!
Me: I'll guide you!
Bro: Wait..Pak Ngah's here.
Pak Ngah: Irin, nenek dah tak ada...

I've never cried so hard in my entire life. My grandmother - the only grandparent I have left, is gone.

It was the first time a death in the family left such a great impact on me. Throughout the day I was hopeful that she might open her eyes again and happy to see all her loved ones around her. But it was just hopeful thinking.

I was very attached to her as she lived with us until last December (that was when she moved in with my aunt). Mer and I would entertain her daily, I would feed her lunch/dinner, kiss her goodbye before I leave for work...and 22 January 2007, I kissed her for the last time.



lovevilla said...

I love my grandma. I dont want her to die. I want her to see lotsa cicit2...uwaaa ~ My grandma ada ajak pegi rumah aunty Kak Putri dgn Tok Ndak, tp x ada sape2 nak jaga adik2 la.

ernie khairina said...

Granma know how to make grankid feel special.granma make sure u get hug a lot. granma will say dat ur perfect, fantastic and angel..tho sumtimes ur not :P. granma r fun, they will nvr busy 2 make time 4 u. dats jz a few of million reason, u gotta love a granma. alfatihah.