Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bali baby!

Recently I was part of my department's brainstorming in Bali. It was my first time there. Heard so much about Bali being a favourite honeymoon destination for newlyweds. I was excited alright. I rushed to finish off as much work as possible so that I would have a piece of mind over there. Our 4-day trip involved 30 people from various programs. We were located at Novotel Benoa.

Groupie by the beach

Unfortunately we didn't get to explore Bali that much because we spent most of the day time brainstorming in the discussion hall. Well, it was the main reason we were there in the first place.

Our discussion table..cosy but my back aches after hours

We were out mostly at night. Being Bali, the lights around the hotel and almost everywhere else were dim. Nice effect but difficult to appreciate the surroundings. The first night we were there, we had dinner at Holiday Villa (I forgot which one exactly). The coffee house was just by the beach, so we could hear the wave and live reggae music being played nearby.

With Atif (from Remaja)

After dinner, we were entertained by local dance-theater called Kecak. It involves about 30 topless men and a few characters - princesses, a villain, a hero and a monkey.

Zain, new M3 producer, at the Kecak show enjoying our cup of tea

Atif and me with the Kecak cast

The next day it was non-stop brainstorming. Well, there were a few breaks in between, which included stretching and refreshments.

Very delicious!

That night we were out again, had dinner at our hotel coffee house then we were out to Kuta town. Now this I was really excited since I get to shop! Like many other tourists, we were at Hard Rock Cafe store. Suprisingly there weren't that many choices. I bought a basic Hard Rock tee for myself, Mer and his sister (who wanted it so badly).

As we continued walking, went around the corner, I saw a huge Hard Rock Hotel MEGAstore with a whole lot more choices.

From left: Nurul (M3), Jasmi (Jejak Rasul), Me, Pali (360), Inaz (Nona)

All I did was look around the store...then left. Had to think it through very carefully. To buy or not to buy? I had 2 more days to decide.

Next morning was another brainstorming session. This time we ended earlier, about 4pm. From the discussion hall, we headed straight to the beach for games. I was in my white shirt and black pants. Thought of running back to the room to change to more sporty attire (which I recently bought even). But I was assured by others that I didn't need to change since most of them didn't anyway...hehe!

So there I was playing beach volleyball (which I suck at), guys vs. gals beach ball games - the girls lose big time, and beach volleybaling - instead of hitting the ball, we throw the ball. I think I did pretty well. I CAN throw you know :P

That night we had dinner at another hotel coffee house somewhere in town and then shopped again. Oh yeah, by then I was done thinking and ended up buying 3 items from Hard Rock Hotel Megastore...hehe!

Me: Hey...nice top!
Atif: Taxi!

Bali babes

The last day, we were free to do our own things. We went back home in groups. The guys left for Malaysia in the afternoon and the girls at night. With the extra time we had and help from those familiar with Bali, we went to Sukawati. It's suppose to be the cheapest of all cheap things here.

I was exaggerating - the other plastic bag was Atif's

Later we had one of the best meals in Bali - Nasi Padang (Padang Rice). Just look at these hungry faces..hehe!

From left:
Atif, Noraini Tahir (Manager), Me, Mazlin Nordin (Manager), Siti Hajar (MHI)

I thought of going to the spa (it's ultra cheap over there) but with the time we had, I preferred to shop. I came back a few hundred ringgit poorer...but it was worth it! No more shopping for me for 3 months.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

LIMA 2007

I just got back from my 4-day trip to Langkawi. I was there along with 2 crews to do a feature on Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) 2007.

From left: Ijat (cameraman), Hazi (Technician), Mua

We were up in the tower where the commentators were. It was 91 steps up and swayed at the top. Definitely not for the faint hearted.

But we got a first-class view of the whole aerospace event.

The picture above was taken on Friday morning, when the event was just open to public. Those aircrafts displayed at the front row are old RMAF aircrafts from as early as 1958 also aircrafts used for training.

The more modern fighter jets are F18...

CO F18 Hornet team in the green uniform


Major Sebastian, Team Leader of MiG-29

and of course, the latest and most sophisticated Sukhoi SU-30.

Honestly, I would never have known how to differentiate these aircrafts if I wasn't at LIMA. They all looked the same to me..hehe!

Australian F11

British Royal Air Force's aerobatic team, Red Arrows, blew me (and everyone else) away. Such precision and perfect coordination with a few near misses to thrill the crowd.

The 9 aircrafts looked as if they were joined together

Interviewing the public

Eurocopter - it can make a full loop! Crazy!

It was the first time I came close to a helicopter. Didn't expect the sound to be that deafening and debris to shoot at you like tiny bullets. We were given the honour of being the first media to board MINDEF's latest heli - Agusta 109M.

I attempted to do a standupper (commentary) on board but the sound was just too loud that it drowned my voice.

Best part of my trip was at the Maritime part of LIMA. We took a boat out for fleet review. We came close to the biggest ship on display - Republic of Korea (ROKS) Dok-do.

The crew with Kim, Korean Navy representative
We approached them stage by stage. First to shoot from the outside. Then to shoot closer to the ship. After that we asked if we could go on board, but was turned down. Somehow a few moments later we were given the green light. Hoooray!

We were told by Malaysia Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) PR, Mejar Hanafi, that we were the only media to be allowed on board Dok-do for an exclusively tour. So honoured :) The ship is as long as 2 football fields, carries up to 13 tanks and 13 helicopters, over 400 crews.

Ijat, Mejar Hanafi (from MINDEF) and me

Ijat and me inside Dok-do

Once we completed our shoot, we celebrated with Cendol Pulut and Laksa Power by the roadside. They live up to the name coz both Cendol and Laksa really nice, no kidding.

Great trip, good experience...and my sunburnt arms will remind me of it.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Heart Life

Meet Tee Hui Yi.

Thie 14-year-old has been living in the National Heart Institute (IJN) for the past 1 year after receiving a mechanical heart.

I was there at the ICU in November 2006, that's about a month after the surgery that gave her some time while waiting for a donor heart. The device was placed outside her body as it couldn't fit inside her small frame.

That time she just got off the ventilator, and can finally speak. Although her voice was still quite weak, we managed to interview her. She mentioned she wants to go back to gymnastics and netball some day.

We did another feature about her recently for MedikTV Merdeka special, about 9 months after my last visit. She was a whole lot healthier compared to the last time I met her. Moving around with her battery pack and was eating well too.

She is prone to infections which makes the task of taking care of her a bit more complicated. She needs to be at her best condition when a suitable heart is found, she would be well enough to go through the emergency surgery.

Over one year, the media featured her progress and pledge for the public to register as organ donor, with hopes that Tee will receive a heart. But to no avail.

30 Sept 2007 - a year after receiving the mechanical heart, press went all out campaigning to find a heart for her. Within a week, today to be precise, she received the news she has been waiting for.

Medical personnel transporting the organ on board the RMAF craft at the Ipoh airport.

The family of a 15-year-old accident victim from Ipoh donated the heart and lungs to IJN. While waiting for the organ to arrive and as preparation, Tee was wheeled in to the operation theater at 10 pm, the heart reached IJN around 1 am. The operation ended some time this afternoon.

I wonder how she felt when she got the news. I can't imagine her mother's joy either. After all, she also made IJN her new home since a year back. I am very happy for Tee. Hope her recovery goes smoothly.

pictures by NST

Friday, September 21, 2007

Individual Desire

MedikTV is taking a break for the year and right now I'm doing a Shell sponsored segment in Majalah3 (check it out on Saturdays 9pm). While doing research on driving and accidents for my script, I came across a defensive driving website. Check out its intro :

"The road accidents cause a big loss of the country. It involved a highest injured, suffered and death in Malaysia. The history of road accident is like never ending. Even though the need of fluent and safety travel still became one of the government and individual desire."

Individual desire? Hehehe..

That's just the first paragraph..there's a whole page of it! You think it was written by a student? Think again... The quote was from here. I'm not saying that my English is perfect or anything, but this is just too much!

The more I read it, the more confused I get. I took some time to digest the info and try to figure out what they're trying to say. In the end, I searched elsewhere.

My latest craze :D

Kerispatih - Rock RnB...weeee!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Merdeka Kittens!

Double joy this Merdeka!

Not only did the country celebrating 50 years of independence (and I was part of the parade), Paris gave birth to 5 beautiful and handsome kitties!

And she's an excellent mother too.

But I can't tell which are male and female just yet. So no names given at the moment.

I prepared for their birth about a week before by placing the cage in our powder room, lining the interior with layers of towels and covering its exterior with blanket for privacy. Food, drink, litter box and scratching pole were all set in there. Not forgetting some clean hand towels in case we needed to touch the kittens (can't have contact with our skin or their mommy might abandon them - so I've read).

Too bad I was not around to witness their birth as I was at the parade. But glad everything went well.

As part of Merdeka parade preparation, I was up at 4.30am on Tuesday and Wednesday to make it for the rehearsals at Merdeka Square. Good thing they gave us a day off on Thursday. On the actual event, Friday, I was up as early as 3.30 am!

At dawn - standing by for the real thing

Although we reached our waiting point, which is at the National Mosque, at 6 am (rehearsal days) and 5.30 am (on the actual day), we only started marching at about 9 am. We reached our finishing line, the Mara building, within 30 mins. Then it was another 2 km walk back to the bus. As soon as the bus reached the office, I went to the spa :D

Happy Birthday to my Mer!

He celebrated his **th birthday on 2nd Sept. I can't mention his age. It's a sensitive issue..hehe!

Since he wasn't actually looking forward to this particular birthday, I planned a low-key celebration. Had this family over for lunch where his mom and me cooked his favourite dish, Gulai Ketam (Crab cooked with coconut milk and spices). And for dessert was Baskin Robbins' icecream cake...yummy!

Lastly, I treated him to dinner at TGIF and look at what he did while waiting for our food...

writing to-do list / resolution

Mer, Mer...always something to do, eh?

Happy Birthday babe! Love ya ;)

Monday, August 20, 2007


Hey peeps..I've completed part 1 of MedikTV Merdeka special. Don't miss it on 1st September 2007 at 5 pm.

For those who missed the 'circumcision' episode that was aired in June, fret not! It will be repeated this Saturday 25th Aug, at 5pm. It's a very interesting story personally for me because we compared the traditional and modern circumcision on YOUNG boys. Yes, we shot an actual circumcisions :) The kids are the stars of the show. So don't miss it (again)!

I'm currently working on the last episode of MedikTV for the year, the part 2 of Merdeka special episode. After that, most probably I will not be doing MedikTV anymore, after 3 years. It's a relief but at the same time quite difficult for me because the show is like my little baby. I've seen it grow since the era of Maznah, Mastura then 'Me'. Worked with 4 different producers, 6 different journalists, 2 different production assistants, countless hospitals, doctors and patients, about 60 episodes on health issues, not forgetting 2 awards.

But hey, everyone has to move on right? Will MedikTV be back for a new season? I hope so. If it is coming back, will I be doing it still? Who knows? Questions, questions, questions...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Marching? Me?

I'm patriotic..I love my country. In fact, I put so much effort in initiating a special MedikTV episode for Merdeka, although I didn't have to. Watch out for it on 1st Sept 2007 at 5 pm.

You may also see me on Merdeka Day itself sometime in the morning because I'll be part of the National Day Parade! Never in my wildest dream I though I'll be part of this annual event. Media Prima is part of it, me and about 10 others from the Magazine, Documentary & Family Department was 'lucky chosen ones'.

At school I would always find a way to escape marching by merely holding the 'bunga manggar', holding the 'yellow house' signage...and since then it has been successful. But this time around, I can't find a way out of it. Unless I get pregnant in the next couple of weeks...muahahaha!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Irin, you've got a little bit of Rachel going on!

Take this test at Tickle
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Sometimes your story-book ideals of how things should turn out keep you from taking life as it comes, but that lovable vulnerability just makes people feel closer to you. You have true compassion, an idiosyncratic side your friends delight in—and, of course, great taste. Reminder, o charming one: People love it when you call them "hun."

In life you can make your own decisions or let other people make those decisions for you. Being Above The Influence is about staying true to yourself, and not letting people pressure you into being less than you.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Bowling For Soup

I've renewed my interest in bowling...hooray! Now I have a real hobby.

I never expected to seriously bowl. It first started back during my university years. Wanted to join sports but something convenient that requires less energy and less sweaty (yes, I'm one lazy girl).

With zero knowledge in bowling, I started off as MMU Bowling Club Vice President when I was in my first year and promoted to President during my second year. But I was more on the organization side rather than actually playing the sport. One time someone had the nerve to ask me, "Can you lift the ball? (giggles)" And it was the first time I met this OLD lady. Maybe SHE couldn't even lift an 8-pound ball...grrr...

By the way, bowling was what brought Mer and me together. He happened to be a bowler and wanted to join one of the tournaments I organized back then, where one of it is the couples' category. He wanted me to join him. Quite slick this guy :) In fact, the first picture we had together was taken by Syu (our cupid) at the bowling game. She took a candid of us looking at the score screen. I can only describe the picture because it couldn't be located :(

Over 2 years working, I got back to the bowling scene but this time more of a bowler representing TV3. Started with Fiesta Media Idola in Kuantan earlier this year, which led to a string of other tournaments. Check out these FMI pictures:

During FMIlaunching @ Sri Pentas

With the NTV7 guys team playing at the lane beside ours

TV3 team (from left: Eyva, Jue, Me, Puspa, Regina)

The most recent was Media Prima's Sports Carnival Bowling Tournament. I was part of team SHREK ( represents Green NOT Fat & Ugly :P ) My team won 1st place in the woman's category :D

UBowl, One Utama

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Sorry guys.. I've been slacking ever since I got hitched. So much for resolutions..haha! But fear not, I'm still the same. Nothing has changed. Still doing MedikTV, still no baby...hehe!

I've been married for over a year now and people are bored of asking when I'll have a baby. When the time is right, the baby will come :)

Speaking of babies, my buddy Munirah delivered triplets early June after 6 1/2 months pregnant. Unfortunately she lost one baby due to complications. I was just reading her blog, she wrote about her pregnancy, anticipating their arrival and how happy she and hubby were that pregnancy was going well. Although in the end things didn't turn out perfectly, at least she still has 2 beautiful and handsome babies. You're a strong girl Mun, Harith and Athirah are lucky to have such wonderful parents.

The months before her delivery, I worked hard on a special Mother's Day MedikTV episode. One of the most satisfying stories I've ever done to date. The feature was about babies -caesarian section, premature birth and triplets. We shot triplets delivery via C-section. I was in the operating theater and was astonished, almost cried even. I was happy for the couple. In fact, felt like I wanted one right away. Oops.. Hehe!

I also interviewed a family with 6-year- old triplets. They turn out to be 3 of the friendliest kids I've ever met. Before I left their house, they gave me a peck on the cheek. So sweeeeett...

Best part of all, I finished the story with a tribute to mothers. A few slow-mo shots of mother-child moments from the show while Innuendo's Ratu Hati played on the background. The ending credit visuals had pictures of my mom with me, my brothers, my mother-in-law with Mer and his siblings. It's sort of a mother's day suprise for them :)

Many people I know from school are hitched and having babies! Now their Friendster profiles are filled with pictures of their babies rather than themselves... Ah heck, maybe I would do the same when I get a baby..hehe! But my point is, 2006-2007 is like the turning point in my life where I no longer have the carefree lifestyle of a teenager and become a responsible career woman / wife.

But I still look 18 don't I? :P

Paris gave birth prematurely and didn't know what to do with the 2 kittens, which eventually led to their death. 2 days later, we got an addition to the family. Introducing Paris' adopted kitten, Leia...

My babies

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yay award!

MedikTV was nominated in 2 categories for the Health Ministry's Media Award.

My hardwork, long hours, time away from husband, effort, patience paid off!

I won 1st prize for the Best TV Journalist Category!!! :D :D :D :D

I received a certificate and a mock cheque from the Health Minister himself. I'm not gonna mention the amount stated though :P


* Pictures to be included

Friday, February 23, 2007

Spirit of Thaipusam's been a while hasn't it? So much for my new year resolution. But anyway, I'm here now aren't I? :D

I'm not much of an advanture junkie. Adventurous people would say "I've conquered Mount Kinabalu!" As for me, now I could say "I've conquered Batu Caves...twice!"

In conjunction with Thaipusam, MedikTV was there for 2 days to see St John Ambulance volunteers in action! And action we got...and more! If you watched that particular episod on 17 Feb, you would've noticed we went up close to see the devotees being pierced, carrying the Kavadis and such. Plus the visitors fainting and injured and many other cases that needed medical attention.

But the most interesting for me was to see these American twins going through the ritual as well. Since there isn't any medical explanation on how the devotees feel no pain, they wanted to try it themselves. They're doctors by the way. They were there with Discovery Channel crew who filmed their 'out of body' experience.

One of the coolest episodes I've done so far :)

* Pictures to be included

Friday, January 26, 2007


It was a sad birthday for my mom. Being in a foreign country without flight to come back for the funeral. I felt for her. I learned to care and love my grandmother as much as she did.

Happy Birthday, Mama

Wish you were here :(

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Al-Fatihah for my Nenek

It was a typical busy Monday. I was finalizing an episode, about to do voice over and preparing for an assignment in the afternoon.

At 11.15 am, my brother called...

Bro: Nenek is not breathing!
Me: Give her mobilizer!
Bro: It's not working!
Me: Give her CPR!
Bro: I don't know how!
Me: I'll guide you!
Bro: Wait..Pak Ngah's here.
Pak Ngah: Irin, nenek dah tak ada...

I've never cried so hard in my entire life. My grandmother - the only grandparent I have left, is gone.

It was the first time a death in the family left such a great impact on me. Throughout the day I was hopeful that she might open her eyes again and happy to see all her loved ones around her. But it was just hopeful thinking.

I was very attached to her as she lived with us until last December (that was when she moved in with my aunt). Mer and I would entertain her daily, I would feed her lunch/dinner, kiss her goodbye before I leave for work...and 22 January 2007, I kissed her for the last time.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Zoo adventure!

Suprised? Well, that's how different the new MedikTV will be. We don't only feature about human health but animal's as well.

My trip to Taiping Zoo was a lot of fun! For shooting purposes, I was given the chance to miggle with the animals up close and personal!

I made friends with Wasabe, the orang utan. I'm guessing he's male since he liked me way too much.

A young elephant name Selama likes to play around. But he's idea of playing around is kinna dangerous for us as he would charge us like a bull and give a back kick to anyone near us. Getting that from a 100kg animal...not good.

Selama's daddy

I got the chance to touch the elephants' tougues with my bare hands when during feeding time.

That was not the only animal I got the chance to feed. Gave bananas to a hyppo, hibiscus to Wasabe, prepared a meal for the tiger.

My point of view :)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Life oh life!

As some of you may have noticed, I'm now playing bigger role in MedikTV. From a mere journalist (on location doing all the dirty work behind the scenes) to hosting (plus more dirty work).

Someone once told me - to become a presenter you must first become a good journalist (though I see many have taken the shortcut). I'm grateful to be moving ahead in my career, Alhamdulillah..

So how does an IT graduate turn out to become a medical program presenter?

If you're an avid reader of my blog, you may have witnessed my progress from a fresh graduate...

I know I know, I look like a kindergarden kid

to a broadcast journalist...

That's no nurse, that's me writing

to a presenter :)

Here's something ironic. 2 1/2 years ago, just after my final exams, I auditioned at Channel 9. Thought I would give it a try. First audition went well. Then came the disastrous second audition.

I didn't know journalism and hosting came hand-in-hand. I blew off the chance because I said I wasn't interested in journalism. Reason being - I imagined a news reporter rushing around and chasing people to get an interview on a daily basis, which was not my kinna thing.

That period in time, I was a huge 8TV fan. I came across a post in 8TV forum about job application. I made my move. TV3 called instead. I auditioned, later went through English test, Mensa test (never knew how I scored), another round of interview and then came the happy happy news! Job as a Broadcast Journalist - the very thing I declined a few months back.

Knowing a freshgrad shouldn't be choosy, I accepted it with an open heart.

Little did I know being a broadcast journalist for a program such as MedikTV is a whole different thing!

2 years doing the same thing was enough to polish me for the new season and fit for the new concept. My workload has somewhat doubled this time around. But as spidey would say - with great gifts come great responsibility :P

Gifted, am I? Well, you be the judge.