Sunday, January 21, 2007

Zoo adventure!

Suprised? Well, that's how different the new MedikTV will be. We don't only feature about human health but animal's as well.

My trip to Taiping Zoo was a lot of fun! For shooting purposes, I was given the chance to miggle with the animals up close and personal!

I made friends with Wasabe, the orang utan. I'm guessing he's male since he liked me way too much.

A young elephant name Selama likes to play around. But he's idea of playing around is kinna dangerous for us as he would charge us like a bull and give a back kick to anyone near us. Getting that from a 100kg animal...not good.

Selama's daddy

I got the chance to touch the elephants' tougues with my bare hands when during feeding time.

That was not the only animal I got the chance to feed. Gave bananas to a hyppo, hibiscus to Wasabe, prepared a meal for the tiger.

My point of view :)

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weezerie said...

never thought taiping zoo is that interesting recently...
anyway, good luck hey!