Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lady in green

Shooting of MedikTV's brand spanking NEW season has started! We are going a different direction compared to the previous 6 seasons.

I was shooting with the Army at their camp in Johore and Negeri Sembilan from 12-15 Sept. As part of the shoot I was given the chance to wear the army uniform along with the 1kg boots (that's half kg per boot) and carry the 7kg rifle.

I was with the guys in the woods and enjoyed rides in the tank. Not only did I dress the part, but I lived it too as I stayed with a bunch of female army.

People involved in the shoot

It sure was an experience of a lifetime! That's one of the advantages being in this line of work ;)

From left: Mejar Zainal, Pilot Rosli, Me, Cameraman Ijat, Lightingman Shafie, Producer Gan

Next up, I'm off to Taiwan! I'll be leaving tomorrow, 17 Sept til the 21st. Yeah, not much room to breathe but we gotta stick to the plan anyway.

Kesian my Mer kena tinggal.. :(

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