Friday, September 22, 2006

My trip to Taiwan

My first ever assignment overseas!!

This time around our subject of interest is located in Hualien, a three-hour train ride from Taipei.

Mind the tired face, spent the whole day travelling and it wasn't over yet!

We (Gan the producer, Ali the cameraman and me the journalist) spent most of our time shooting in Tzu Chi Buddhist University. The university was kind enough to let us stay at their Guest House (a 4-room apartment and I got the whole place to myself..woohoo!).

Busy busy busy

When we mention Taiwan, the thing that comes to mind of Muslims is the difficulty in getting Halal food. But not for this assignment.

Because of its Buddhist element, the whole campus is meat-free. In other words, 100% vegetarian. So all the restaurants within the campus and the university's hospital are all completely vegetarian. That made things easier for the cameraman and me.


We went all the way to Hualien, Taiwan to cover a story about their medical students and some dead people. Lemme unconfuse you..

As part of the medical course, students are required to learn the human body anatomy, obviously. To get a better feel and understanding about the subject, they need to learn using the real thing by cutting a REAL human body, known as cadavers.

Became a medical student for a day

That is a normal practice for medical students even over here. But the unique thing is, how they obtain the bodies. Normally universities use unclaimed bodies or even import them. But in Tzu Chi University, there are people who actually volunteer to become cadavers when they pass away.

My standupper in between the dead

I could explain even more but that would eliminate the element of suprise when you people watch the finished product on TV. Feedback from my big bosses were very very positive. They loved it and I hope the rest of the country will to :)

Interview with Taiwan TV news :D

Shopping you say? Well, Hualien has more interesting beautiful places to visit rather than shops. On our way back, as the train stopped at Taipei train station, we charged for the shops nearby. I got myself a Canon digital camera. The market price over here is RM1799 but I got it for RM1200+ after conversion. Woohoo!

My journey didn't end there. Upon reaching KLIA, I bought a ticket to Penang for the next day to meet my Mer. After 2 weeks of hard work and coming back to an empty room, didn't like it.

Dinner at Pastasia, Gurney Plaza

Had a nice dinner and the next day had lunch by the beach before we drove back home. I a hopeless romantic or what ? :P

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lady in green

Shooting of MedikTV's brand spanking NEW season has started! We are going a different direction compared to the previous 6 seasons.

I was shooting with the Army at their camp in Johore and Negeri Sembilan from 12-15 Sept. As part of the shoot I was given the chance to wear the army uniform along with the 1kg boots (that's half kg per boot) and carry the 7kg rifle.

I was with the guys in the woods and enjoyed rides in the tank. Not only did I dress the part, but I lived it too as I stayed with a bunch of female army.

People involved in the shoot

It sure was an experience of a lifetime! That's one of the advantages being in this line of work ;)

From left: Mejar Zainal, Pilot Rosli, Me, Cameraman Ijat, Lightingman Shafie, Producer Gan

Next up, I'm off to Taiwan! I'll be leaving tomorrow, 17 Sept til the 21st. Yeah, not much room to breathe but we gotta stick to the plan anyway.

Kesian my Mer kena tinggal.. :(

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Things change

Uh, forgot to mention that the new season ain't coming on so soon, like I mentioned earlier. But I will surely inform you people once we've confirmed the transmission date ;)

And my career path isn't going to that direction as I mentioned earlier too. Instead it's going a different direction, but still moving ahead.

I'm writing in riddles aren't I? Just wait and see lah. Don't wanna reveal too much :P

Happy 20-something Birthday
to my baby, my Hubby, my Mer!

Because he's a workaholic, I got him a PSP...and now he's very obsessed with it. Hehe..