Friday, August 11, 2006

Updates in a flash!

(pictures will be added soon)

Many must be wondering what have I been upto after my wedding? Why the silence and late updates? Your questions will be answered in this post :) No, I'm not pregnant :P

I was back at work only a day after the honeymoon and went to Ipoh on that same weekend. Soon after that I was sent to Johor for 5 WHOLE DAYS! Then worked like crazy for A WHOLE WEEK! Few days later spent 4 WHOLE DAYS in Kuching, came back and worked over the weekend. It was MADNESS! I was sent outstation 3 times within a month of my marriage. Poor Mer was left at home. Good thing he understands my work :)

After that I cool down on outstation work and finally managed to catch a breath. The only outstation duties I went were Karnival JomHeboh Perlis in July and in Kuantan last weekend.

But things are starting to pick up again. Now MedikTV is on a break while showing reruns for the time being. We'll be coming back with our 8th season and will have a completely different concept. You may not worry about seeing gory surgeries because we'll cut down on those. To know more, catch the new season on 28th October 2006. I can't reveal too much for now ;)

People say after marriage your rezeki just happen to easily roll towards you. I would say that's exactly what's happening to me now. Besides doing MedikTV, I am also working on a new programme. If all goes as planned, I will be producing it :)

Uh, here's something interesting. I was at Kajang Prison for a meeting and actually went inside to see the place that we plan to shoot. The inmates were walking free in there (may I remind you that it is full of male inmates). They started staring and making catcalls. I felt secure because there was more than 6 officers around us (my producer and me).

Only after we left the prison, when my producer said he was worried for my safety - the reality hit me. Anything could've happened eventhough there were officers escorting us. Imagine how long they haven't seen a girl, and there I was walking pass them. Scary! But it was a good experience, nevertheless. How often do you get to go inside a prison? :)

My 6 year-old cat, Becky, was bitten by a stray cat about 3-4 months back. The bite almost penetrated the spine. After stitching the wound, the stitched somehow came off. Stitched again, came off again, even worse - got infected by MAGGOTS! 3rd time the vetenerian said can't be closed, just apply anti-maggot cream and it will heal soon (heal my a**!).

Things took a toll for the worse. She started losing weight, became weak and until one point was lifeless. Brought her to a another vetenarian and turned out she was infected by somekind of virus from the bite that caused her losing one eyesight, sense of smell, lung infection and liver damage!

She was 'warded', given antibiotics, drips and other medications but succum to her sickness after 4 days. I was devastated :( She was like a sister to me. My brother and me took her body back home and burried her in our backyard.

To overcome our grieve, Mer and me got another one cat. This time a 3-month-old female mixed persian that we named Paris :)