Sunday, April 02, 2006

My wedding day!!

10 am - Nikah
Dressed in laced modern kebaya with a head scarf, I tried my best to sit elegantly on the cushion. Although not as comfortable, I braced through it as that was the moment that changed my life forever.

We exchanged our hantarans, 7 from his side and 9 from mine (it's tradition to give odd number of trays and for the bride to give an extra 2 trays). Among the hantaran barriers were my cousins and best buddies Shareenee, Heydeq, Munirah and twins, Izlin and Izlina.

For Him

For Her

Once open notes were exchanged, witnessed by family members and close friends, my father performed the akad ceremony. With just one go, my Mer said the lafaz perfectly. With that,


1 pm - Bersanding

My attire went from white to gold for the afternoon reception and bersanding ceremony, which also happens to be the main theme colour for my wedding. The tiara I had on was a classic made of a few kerongsangs, similar to the one my mom used when my parents got married.

The MC was my cousin Amanda, who is also a FlyFM radio announcer, and the coordinator was my Mak Long. We had beautiful gamelan music playing in the background, by Ina (former MedikTV journalist) and her friends from UKM.

As Mer's entourage arrived, he was seated beside me on the lovely pelamin for the merenjis ceremony. His best man was his brother, Ali and mine was my best friend, Alia. Among the merenjisters were my uncle, aunt, parents, Mer's mom, uncle and aunt.

Next up, makan beradap or for short, lunch. I was starving coz the last time I had any food was around 7 am. Lucky thing the food was good. Thanx Kagumas ;) Besides the catering, the guests had a free flow of juices, coffee and tea courtesy of Nestle Food Sdn Bhd.

Among the guests were our family from near and far, family members' friends, my school friends and a long lost friend, Raiha, whom I knew since I was in Penang at 7 years old. Lost contact and met again through friendster. What wonder..

By 3.30pm, most of the guests have left. But that isn't the end of it just yet!

8pm - Reception
Yeap, two receptions in a day. Since the whole wedding for my side was within the compound of my house, the idea was not to have all guests crowded at a time.

This time around, the guests were mainly my father's friends and mine from school, MMU and work. My brother, Irwan, became the MC, while Hanz and Yan were the best man and bridesmaid respectively.

This session is less formal and more relaxed compared to the previous one. Mer and me wore modern/western attire and the music was of love songs that were handpicked and compiled by me :)

While we had our dinner, my father gave a speech, along with our cupid Syu. I even discovered some things I didn't know before, like how he bought a bowling ball to impress me..hehe!

Then there was an impromt poem recital by Hanz and Yan. They had an original poem written just for us. So sweet.. :)

Later on was the cake cutting ceremony followed by a speech from Mer and me. Then guess what? Even my brother the MC gave an impromt speech. Interesting turn of events..hehe!

One very tiring day but absolutely memorable. This lovely wedding couldn't have taken place without the careful planning from my father, the delicate handwork of my mother, the creativity and coordination of my Mak Long, helpful cousins, aunts and friends.

After 4 years of getting to know my Mer, over a year of planning, we are finally wed. I couldn't quite believe it at feels so surreal.

I'm overjoyed...I feel complete :)

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killarkai said...

hello there irin, congratulations on your marriage :)