Friday, April 14, 2006


Every newlyweds look forward to a meaningful honeymoon and that was exactly what we had ;)

Day 1 - 9 April 2006

Our very first getaway! Made our way to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah via Malaysia Airlines.

Air tickets in hand!

Upon reaching KK airport, we were greeted by a lady holding a sign with Mer's name on it, then brought to our limo.

We reached Sutera Harbour Resort & Spa, without the need to check in or carry our luggage, we were brought straight to our upgraded Junior Suite! What luxury.. And the view was breath taking!

Had our welcome drink at the Lobby Lounge then took the shuttle to town for lunch at a mall called Centre Point. We continued our ride in the shuttle to check out the rest of the town.

At night we took the shuttle to town yet again and had seafood dinner by the sea. Tasty, affordable, breezy and romantic ;)

Day 2 - 10 April 2006

After the complimentary breakfast, we started the day with aromatherapy massage at the Mandalan Spa. Since the spa was located at the Magellan Sutera and we were at Pacific Sutera, we had to take an internal shuttle to get there. The spa was overlooking the beautiful blue sea.

The spa's interior was amazing! Very nice ambiance, Balinese style. We were brought to the couple room and changed to the sarongs provided.

About an hour later...we were rejuvinated!

Since we had some free time, we took the shuttle to the city and went lunch and souvenir shopping. Mer bought parios and hawaiian shirt while I got some pearls for myself and my mom.

We were rushing to catch the 4pm shuttle coz we have an appointment with the Sunset Cruise!

So there we were at the Sutera Harbour's Marina Golf and Country Club at 5pm, waiting for the reception to show us our way to the boat. She seemed blur and made a whole lot of phone calls while we waited patiently. Til 5.30pm we were still not on the cruise and the sun was beginning to set.

Waiting at the Marina

We told her we'll reschedule it to tomorrow instead. We weren't very disappointed since we can still make it the next day but she was very apologetic.

We went back to ur hotel and the front desk/customer-relations person, Adrian, somehow found out about the miscommunication and was even MORE apologetic, "I am so embarrassed! Can I offer you a complimentary dinner tonight at any of our restaurants, to make up for the 'incident'?" dinner at a hotel? Woohoo! We made our choice, a place called Spice Island. We each had a smoothie and ordered the most expensive item on the menu, which was the tandoori platter. They even gave us complimentary briyani rice and a bowl of vegetables!

Although the platter was made for 2, it was impossible to finish the whole thing. To make worth of what may be the only free hotel dinner of a life time, I had a scoop of icecream for dessert :D Thanx Sutera Harbour for the wonderful dinner. We left the restaurant about 2kg heavier..hehe!

Day 3 - 11 April 2006

One of the busiest and most interesting day of our journey. To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Bes nampak!! rasa cam tak saba jugak nak kawen...wink! wink!

AkaZukii said...

irin!!congrats yet look so beautiful on ur big WED day..bila nak timang baby? (^_^)