Friday, April 14, 2006

Honeymoon Part 2

Day 3 - 11 April 2006

We were set for a full day ahead of us. After breakfast at the coffee house, we went to the jetty for my first ever island hopping and snorkling session! We went to Mamutik Island for snorkling.

Background is Sutera Harbour Resort and the jetty

I didn't bring along sunscreen, except for one used for the face. I didn't really care because it's not always I get the chance to snorkle, plus the wedding ceremonies have ended :D
I thought - even if I got sunburned, it will recover soon enough.

That was exactly what happened. I left with sunburns on my hands and legs. But it was worth it because I enjoyed every minute of it!

Next up, we were brought to Manukan Island for seafood BBQ by the sea. It was delicious! Crabs, prawns, name it, they got it!

We rushed back to clean ourselves and then went for a relaxing hair wash at the resort's saloon.

Next on the line up, Sunset Cruise! We were with 7 other people on the boat. We took the upper deck with the captain...

...and enjoyed the breathtaking view around us.

There were complimentary drinks and snacks. The other people were kinna drunk and sang and cheered all the way back to the jetty. We just laughed at them, hehehe..

We reached the hotel around 8 pm, quickly changed to our formal attire and rushed to an Italian restaurant for our romantic candle light dinner.

They fed us like crazy! We started off with pastries, Salmon and vege. Then 1st course was pasta with lobster. 2nd course, we had a choice of steak or salmon. We both took one of each. Then the dessert was brownie with icecream. Damn that was good.. :)

Day 4 - 12 April 2006

We had a great 3 days at KK and was sad that our honeymoon was coming to an end. Dreaded coming back to work and facing the real world. But every good thing must have an end. But we didn't waste our last day sulking. After a quick breakfast at the coffee house, we rushed to catch the shuttle to the North Borneo railway station.

We went back in time as we took the steam train, the only one of its kind left in the country. The journey took us from KK to Papar and back again. They served lunch in the mangkuk tingkat, that got the mat sallehs trilled. It's kinna amusing to see them taking pictures with it coz for us it's nothing much.

We were the only Malaysians on board besides the crew

After the 4 hour journey, we rushed back to the hotel to get our things and got on the limo to the airport.

Not much of a smile there because I didn't wanna leave the honeymoon!

That was we left our magical honeymoon and got back to real life. It was amazing! Now I'm saving up for our next vacation together, which I hope will be in the near future :)

Sunburnt Honeymoon

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