Monday, March 13, 2006

My first and last Sureheboh

After working in TV3 for a year and a half, last weekend was the first time I attended Karnival Sureheboh. My boss requested that I go - although I dreaded going. Don't feel nice turning it down just because I was afraid of being tanned on my wedding day. So I took necessary precautions to minimize exposure under the sun (sounds as if I'm handling deadly chemical substance doesn't it?)

When I first got to the location of the carnival (Nilai 3 in Negeri Sembilan), I was shocked to see that the place is literally like a desert! Just look at it..not a single tree in sight!

Picture taken at noon, behind tinted bus window

Since I reach the place before the sun was at its maximum, I quickly took my spot under the MedikTV and Majalah 3 booth (we share the space) and stayed there until the end of the day, only to come out for lunch.

What I've heard from regulars at the carnival is it's one tiring weekend. Imagining trying to entertain a crowd of thousands from morning to late evening, two days in a row. So what did I do on my first Sureheboh? I was the MC/DJ, whatever you call it - who tries to draw the crowd to the booth. And I was doing it that for the WHOLE 2 DAYS, only had short breaks in between. Unlike Majalah 3, where they had 3-4 people to take turns doing it, in MedikTV's booth, I was the only one doing it. Phew! Good thing is, I still have my voice..hehe!

What we had at the booth was free health screening by nurses from a nearby hospital. The turning out was great! Besides that most of them were there to take pictures and get autograph of our host, Mastura. We also had health talk by a specialist. It took place only once a day coz people don't really fancy talks about serious issues at a fun event. In order to get the crowd to stay was to do a quiz about the topic, in between the doctor's talk, which worked! People listened because they wanted the prizes.

As some of you might know, Sureheboh has changed its name to Jomheboh. So there goes my first and last Sureheboh. I'll be attending Jomheboh in May, which will take place in Perlis (my home town!). I didn't quite 'inherite' my dad's northern dialect. Should brush up on it, who knows that would draw more crowd ;)

Uh yeah, my attempt to avoid tanning worked, although I was in a desert called Nilai 3. Tired? Definately. Enjoyable? Very.

My new workstation

Now it's back to work with doctors, patients and surgeries. I really can't afford to sacrifice my weekend this time around. I haven't had a weekend for the past 2 weeks. Have hardly prepared for the wedding. Eek! :o But with my line of work and the TV show I'm doing now, it's usually outstation duty *sigh*

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-lovevilla- said...

balik Perlis boleh jumpa kaum kerabat, itu pun kalo semua tau kak putri akan gi sane. That time, sure kak putri lg famous dr Mastura :D hehe