Friday, February 24, 2006

Best Medical Programme

I'm getting busier and busier at work! Thus, my long absence. Sorry guys. My health isn't helping either. Ever since my last encounter with gastric, my stomach has gotten sensitive. Can't seem to skip/have a late lunch or it will get pretty cranky.

Mer making sure he got it right

Because I'm so occupied, my weekends are very precious and save it for wedding preparations. But I could only afford to lay flat at home last weekend after I came up with very bad headache and fever. Urgh! It turns out almost the whole MedikTV team had fever about the same time. Weird..

Oh so tired...

I did the most insane thing eversince working at TV3. Went to Johor Bahru by VAN..on a DAY TRIP! That's how bad things are that we had to settle for something like that. I don't ever wanna do that again!

60's look

But all was paid off when MedikTV won the award for Best Medical Television Programme! :D Hooray to us! I'm pretty happy with that. Although I lost the Best Health Journalist Award to a NEWS REPORTER (hmph!), at least my episode on breast cancer won.

MedikTV team with the power people of the Health Ministry

Oh yea, we finally went for the pre wedding course :) It wasn't comfortable sitting from 8 am to 8 pm, but if that's what it takes to get married, we had to do it...and we survived! Phew! I even managed to complete 1 episode's script while listening to the lectures. Hehe! That's what they call multitasking ;)

How do I look?

Uh, look out for this week's MedikTV. This is the one where we went for a day trip to JB. Check it out! I hope my hardwork is appreciated by many so PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO TUNE IN! Don't let me down ok... *puppy eyes*