Thursday, January 19, 2006

Where have you been?

That's what people have been asking me lately..

I was missing for a week coz I was shooting in Johor.

I was missing for another week doing editing at the editing room (which is quite isolated from civilization) and rushing to complete an episode (which was aired last week).

I was missing for another half week doing editing and finalizing ANOTHER episode (to be aired this week).

After Ina left, most of the burden was on me. To make things worse, MedikTV's production assistant, Shaiful, is being transferred to another department. His replacement has yet to be confirmed. We still haven't got Ina's replacement either :(

People are being taken away but no one is joining us. Hmph!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

My week in Johor (again)

As much as I love my work, I just had to sacrifice the long weekends that almost everyone got to enjoy. After working on Christmas weekend, I was away on a 5-day trip to Johor (again) just a day after the new year.

The sun setting on 2 Jan 2006 at Danga Bay, Johor Bahru

I think it is one of the most tiring trip but one of the most enjoyable, too. Tiring because we didn't have time off, except at night. The most enjoyable because the other 4 guys I was with were clowns!

Clockwise: Me, Chairil (Cameraman), Azare (Pilot), Zaime (Lightingman), Siva (Technician)

While we were shooting in the OT (that's operation theater), we heard a loud cry. Went over to the next OT and for the first time ever, I saw a new born baby right in front of my very eyes! I was mesmerized..

Me with Chairil while the anesthetist, Dr Lobo, giving the baby some O2

Anyways, I was in Johor shooting at 2 hospitals, Johor Specialist Hospital and Puteri Specialist Hospital. In JSH, I did a case on 'gall stones'. In fact, Mer's mother recently went through the same operation. So I was quite interested to know more about it.

Shooting of this case went very smoothly because the doctor and patient involved were very cooperative. Even the patient's family were very welcoming. The patient's husband even treated us for dinner, twice!

The other case I did was on 'thyroid'. Now there was a bit of communication barrier because the patient doesn't speak good Malay and zero English. But the doctor was a GREAT speaker so he saved the day..phew!

I bet many are aware that January has a lot of public holidays. I was hoping that by working hard now, I don't need to go outstation too soon and get to enjoy the holidays. On Thursday I was told that Ina (the only other MedikTV journalist) is resigning and this Monday will be her last day at work. Waaargh :((

Zarina Zainudin

I'm gonna miss working with her, that's for sure. But she's leaving for a better future and something that she really wants, I'm happy for her. Now as for us who are still working, we're gonna have difficulty finding a replacement because not everyone is willing to observe surgeries. There is no way I can do this whole thing alone. Even now I'm working my butt off. It's crazy!