Friday, September 22, 2006

My trip to Taiwan

My first ever assignment overseas!!

This time around our subject of interest is located in Hualien, a three-hour train ride from Taipei.

Mind the tired face, spent the whole day travelling and it wasn't over yet!

We (Gan the producer, Ali the cameraman and me the journalist) spent most of our time shooting in Tzu Chi Buddhist University. The university was kind enough to let us stay at their Guest House (a 4-room apartment and I got the whole place to myself..woohoo!).

Busy busy busy

When we mention Taiwan, the thing that comes to mind of Muslims is the difficulty in getting Halal food. But not for this assignment.

Because of its Buddhist element, the whole campus is meat-free. In other words, 100% vegetarian. So all the restaurants within the campus and the university's hospital are all completely vegetarian. That made things easier for the cameraman and me.


We went all the way to Hualien, Taiwan to cover a story about their medical students and some dead people. Lemme unconfuse you..

As part of the medical course, students are required to learn the human body anatomy, obviously. To get a better feel and understanding about the subject, they need to learn using the real thing by cutting a REAL human body, known as cadavers.

Became a medical student for a day

That is a normal practice for medical students even over here. But the unique thing is, how they obtain the bodies. Normally universities use unclaimed bodies or even import them. But in Tzu Chi University, there are people who actually volunteer to become cadavers when they pass away.

My standupper in between the dead

I could explain even more but that would eliminate the element of suprise when you people watch the finished product on TV. Feedback from my big bosses were very very positive. They loved it and I hope the rest of the country will to :)

Interview with Taiwan TV news :D

Shopping you say? Well, Hualien has more interesting beautiful places to visit rather than shops. On our way back, as the train stopped at Taipei train station, we charged for the shops nearby. I got myself a Canon digital camera. The market price over here is RM1799 but I got it for RM1200+ after conversion. Woohoo!

My journey didn't end there. Upon reaching KLIA, I bought a ticket to Penang for the next day to meet my Mer. After 2 weeks of hard work and coming back to an empty room, didn't like it.

Dinner at Pastasia, Gurney Plaza

Had a nice dinner and the next day had lunch by the beach before we drove back home. I a hopeless romantic or what ? :P

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lady in green

Shooting of MedikTV's brand spanking NEW season has started! We are going a different direction compared to the previous 6 seasons.

I was shooting with the Army at their camp in Johore and Negeri Sembilan from 12-15 Sept. As part of the shoot I was given the chance to wear the army uniform along with the 1kg boots (that's half kg per boot) and carry the 7kg rifle.

I was with the guys in the woods and enjoyed rides in the tank. Not only did I dress the part, but I lived it too as I stayed with a bunch of female army.

People involved in the shoot

It sure was an experience of a lifetime! That's one of the advantages being in this line of work ;)

From left: Mejar Zainal, Pilot Rosli, Me, Cameraman Ijat, Lightingman Shafie, Producer Gan

Next up, I'm off to Taiwan! I'll be leaving tomorrow, 17 Sept til the 21st. Yeah, not much room to breathe but we gotta stick to the plan anyway.

Kesian my Mer kena tinggal.. :(

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Things change

Uh, forgot to mention that the new season ain't coming on so soon, like I mentioned earlier. But I will surely inform you people once we've confirmed the transmission date ;)

And my career path isn't going to that direction as I mentioned earlier too. Instead it's going a different direction, but still moving ahead.

I'm writing in riddles aren't I? Just wait and see lah. Don't wanna reveal too much :P

Happy 20-something Birthday
to my baby, my Hubby, my Mer!

Because he's a workaholic, I got him a PSP...and now he's very obsessed with it. Hehe..

Friday, August 11, 2006

Updates in a flash!

(pictures will be added soon)

Many must be wondering what have I been upto after my wedding? Why the silence and late updates? Your questions will be answered in this post :) No, I'm not pregnant :P

I was back at work only a day after the honeymoon and went to Ipoh on that same weekend. Soon after that I was sent to Johor for 5 WHOLE DAYS! Then worked like crazy for A WHOLE WEEK! Few days later spent 4 WHOLE DAYS in Kuching, came back and worked over the weekend. It was MADNESS! I was sent outstation 3 times within a month of my marriage. Poor Mer was left at home. Good thing he understands my work :)

After that I cool down on outstation work and finally managed to catch a breath. The only outstation duties I went were Karnival JomHeboh Perlis in July and in Kuantan last weekend.

But things are starting to pick up again. Now MedikTV is on a break while showing reruns for the time being. We'll be coming back with our 8th season and will have a completely different concept. You may not worry about seeing gory surgeries because we'll cut down on those. To know more, catch the new season on 28th October 2006. I can't reveal too much for now ;)

People say after marriage your rezeki just happen to easily roll towards you. I would say that's exactly what's happening to me now. Besides doing MedikTV, I am also working on a new programme. If all goes as planned, I will be producing it :)

Uh, here's something interesting. I was at Kajang Prison for a meeting and actually went inside to see the place that we plan to shoot. The inmates were walking free in there (may I remind you that it is full of male inmates). They started staring and making catcalls. I felt secure because there was more than 6 officers around us (my producer and me).

Only after we left the prison, when my producer said he was worried for my safety - the reality hit me. Anything could've happened eventhough there were officers escorting us. Imagine how long they haven't seen a girl, and there I was walking pass them. Scary! But it was a good experience, nevertheless. How often do you get to go inside a prison? :)

My 6 year-old cat, Becky, was bitten by a stray cat about 3-4 months back. The bite almost penetrated the spine. After stitching the wound, the stitched somehow came off. Stitched again, came off again, even worse - got infected by MAGGOTS! 3rd time the vetenerian said can't be closed, just apply anti-maggot cream and it will heal soon (heal my a**!).

Things took a toll for the worse. She started losing weight, became weak and until one point was lifeless. Brought her to a another vetenarian and turned out she was infected by somekind of virus from the bite that caused her losing one eyesight, sense of smell, lung infection and liver damage!

She was 'warded', given antibiotics, drips and other medications but succum to her sickness after 4 days. I was devastated :( She was like a sister to me. My brother and me took her body back home and burried her in our backyard.

To overcome our grieve, Mer and me got another one cat. This time a 3-month-old female mixed persian that we named Paris :)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Honeymoon Part 2

Day 3 - 11 April 2006

We were set for a full day ahead of us. After breakfast at the coffee house, we went to the jetty for my first ever island hopping and snorkling session! We went to Mamutik Island for snorkling.

Background is Sutera Harbour Resort and the jetty

I didn't bring along sunscreen, except for one used for the face. I didn't really care because it's not always I get the chance to snorkle, plus the wedding ceremonies have ended :D
I thought - even if I got sunburned, it will recover soon enough.

That was exactly what happened. I left with sunburns on my hands and legs. But it was worth it because I enjoyed every minute of it!

Next up, we were brought to Manukan Island for seafood BBQ by the sea. It was delicious! Crabs, prawns, name it, they got it!

We rushed back to clean ourselves and then went for a relaxing hair wash at the resort's saloon.

Next on the line up, Sunset Cruise! We were with 7 other people on the boat. We took the upper deck with the captain...

...and enjoyed the breathtaking view around us.

There were complimentary drinks and snacks. The other people were kinna drunk and sang and cheered all the way back to the jetty. We just laughed at them, hehehe..

We reached the hotel around 8 pm, quickly changed to our formal attire and rushed to an Italian restaurant for our romantic candle light dinner.

They fed us like crazy! We started off with pastries, Salmon and vege. Then 1st course was pasta with lobster. 2nd course, we had a choice of steak or salmon. We both took one of each. Then the dessert was brownie with icecream. Damn that was good.. :)

Day 4 - 12 April 2006

We had a great 3 days at KK and was sad that our honeymoon was coming to an end. Dreaded coming back to work and facing the real world. But every good thing must have an end. But we didn't waste our last day sulking. After a quick breakfast at the coffee house, we rushed to catch the shuttle to the North Borneo railway station.

We went back in time as we took the steam train, the only one of its kind left in the country. The journey took us from KK to Papar and back again. They served lunch in the mangkuk tingkat, that got the mat sallehs trilled. It's kinna amusing to see them taking pictures with it coz for us it's nothing much.

We were the only Malaysians on board besides the crew

After the 4 hour journey, we rushed back to the hotel to get our things and got on the limo to the airport.

Not much of a smile there because I didn't wanna leave the honeymoon!

That was we left our magical honeymoon and got back to real life. It was amazing! Now I'm saving up for our next vacation together, which I hope will be in the near future :)

Sunburnt Honeymoon


Every newlyweds look forward to a meaningful honeymoon and that was exactly what we had ;)

Day 1 - 9 April 2006

Our very first getaway! Made our way to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah via Malaysia Airlines.

Air tickets in hand!

Upon reaching KK airport, we were greeted by a lady holding a sign with Mer's name on it, then brought to our limo.

We reached Sutera Harbour Resort & Spa, without the need to check in or carry our luggage, we were brought straight to our upgraded Junior Suite! What luxury.. And the view was breath taking!

Had our welcome drink at the Lobby Lounge then took the shuttle to town for lunch at a mall called Centre Point. We continued our ride in the shuttle to check out the rest of the town.

At night we took the shuttle to town yet again and had seafood dinner by the sea. Tasty, affordable, breezy and romantic ;)

Day 2 - 10 April 2006

After the complimentary breakfast, we started the day with aromatherapy massage at the Mandalan Spa. Since the spa was located at the Magellan Sutera and we were at Pacific Sutera, we had to take an internal shuttle to get there. The spa was overlooking the beautiful blue sea.

The spa's interior was amazing! Very nice ambiance, Balinese style. We were brought to the couple room and changed to the sarongs provided.

About an hour later...we were rejuvinated!

Since we had some free time, we took the shuttle to the city and went lunch and souvenir shopping. Mer bought parios and hawaiian shirt while I got some pearls for myself and my mom.

We were rushing to catch the 4pm shuttle coz we have an appointment with the Sunset Cruise!

So there we were at the Sutera Harbour's Marina Golf and Country Club at 5pm, waiting for the reception to show us our way to the boat. She seemed blur and made a whole lot of phone calls while we waited patiently. Til 5.30pm we were still not on the cruise and the sun was beginning to set.

Waiting at the Marina

We told her we'll reschedule it to tomorrow instead. We weren't very disappointed since we can still make it the next day but she was very apologetic.

We went back to ur hotel and the front desk/customer-relations person, Adrian, somehow found out about the miscommunication and was even MORE apologetic, "I am so embarrassed! Can I offer you a complimentary dinner tonight at any of our restaurants, to make up for the 'incident'?" dinner at a hotel? Woohoo! We made our choice, a place called Spice Island. We each had a smoothie and ordered the most expensive item on the menu, which was the tandoori platter. They even gave us complimentary briyani rice and a bowl of vegetables!

Although the platter was made for 2, it was impossible to finish the whole thing. To make worth of what may be the only free hotel dinner of a life time, I had a scoop of icecream for dessert :D Thanx Sutera Harbour for the wonderful dinner. We left the restaurant about 2kg heavier..hehe!

Day 3 - 11 April 2006

One of the busiest and most interesting day of our journey. To be continued...

Saturday, April 08, 2006

One week later..

We had a wedding reception for Mer's side, this time at Wisma MBSA in Shah Alam. The MC was Hanz a.k.a Jehan Kaya.

Hanz assisting Mer's uncle with the doa

During lunch Mer's brother Ali, cousin Zhafran, and mother each gave a speech. Ali talked about Mer's background and Zhafran about how he got to know about our relationship (he used to study in MMU as well), while his mother gave us advice about marriage (even hinted something about grandchildren! Eek!).

Zhafran with his speech

There was also a multimedia presentation, prepared by Yan, that had our baby pictures up to our dating pictures. Very cool ;)

Then, instead of cake, there was the pulut kuning-cutting ceremony. He just had to feed me a piece!

Ceremony ended around 3pm..and that was it! The end of our celebrations. But not the end of us, bride and groom, just yet. Next up, honeymoon! :) :)

Thursday, April 06, 2006


After the great wedding reception, here's more joy! 5th Apr - my parents anniversary and today, my brothers birthday..

Happy 30th Birthday,
Indra & Irwan!
Happy 31st Anniversary,
Papa & Mama!

From left: Irwan, Mom, Mer, Me, Dad, Indra

Sunday, April 02, 2006

My wedding day!!

10 am - Nikah
Dressed in laced modern kebaya with a head scarf, I tried my best to sit elegantly on the cushion. Although not as comfortable, I braced through it as that was the moment that changed my life forever.

We exchanged our hantarans, 7 from his side and 9 from mine (it's tradition to give odd number of trays and for the bride to give an extra 2 trays). Among the hantaran barriers were my cousins and best buddies Shareenee, Heydeq, Munirah and twins, Izlin and Izlina.

For Him

For Her

Once open notes were exchanged, witnessed by family members and close friends, my father performed the akad ceremony. With just one go, my Mer said the lafaz perfectly. With that,


1 pm - Bersanding

My attire went from white to gold for the afternoon reception and bersanding ceremony, which also happens to be the main theme colour for my wedding. The tiara I had on was a classic made of a few kerongsangs, similar to the one my mom used when my parents got married.

The MC was my cousin Amanda, who is also a FlyFM radio announcer, and the coordinator was my Mak Long. We had beautiful gamelan music playing in the background, by Ina (former MedikTV journalist) and her friends from UKM.

As Mer's entourage arrived, he was seated beside me on the lovely pelamin for the merenjis ceremony. His best man was his brother, Ali and mine was my best friend, Alia. Among the merenjisters were my uncle, aunt, parents, Mer's mom, uncle and aunt.

Next up, makan beradap or for short, lunch. I was starving coz the last time I had any food was around 7 am. Lucky thing the food was good. Thanx Kagumas ;) Besides the catering, the guests had a free flow of juices, coffee and tea courtesy of Nestle Food Sdn Bhd.

Among the guests were our family from near and far, family members' friends, my school friends and a long lost friend, Raiha, whom I knew since I was in Penang at 7 years old. Lost contact and met again through friendster. What wonder..

By 3.30pm, most of the guests have left. But that isn't the end of it just yet!

8pm - Reception
Yeap, two receptions in a day. Since the whole wedding for my side was within the compound of my house, the idea was not to have all guests crowded at a time.

This time around, the guests were mainly my father's friends and mine from school, MMU and work. My brother, Irwan, became the MC, while Hanz and Yan were the best man and bridesmaid respectively.

This session is less formal and more relaxed compared to the previous one. Mer and me wore modern/western attire and the music was of love songs that were handpicked and compiled by me :)

While we had our dinner, my father gave a speech, along with our cupid Syu. I even discovered some things I didn't know before, like how he bought a bowling ball to impress me..hehe!

Then there was an impromt poem recital by Hanz and Yan. They had an original poem written just for us. So sweet.. :)

Later on was the cake cutting ceremony followed by a speech from Mer and me. Then guess what? Even my brother the MC gave an impromt speech. Interesting turn of events..hehe!

One very tiring day but absolutely memorable. This lovely wedding couldn't have taken place without the careful planning from my father, the delicate handwork of my mother, the creativity and coordination of my Mak Long, helpful cousins, aunts and friends.

After 4 years of getting to know my Mer, over a year of planning, we are finally wed. I couldn't quite believe it at feels so surreal.

I'm overjoyed...I feel complete :)