Friday, December 16, 2005

Working in high gear

I was on a day trip to Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan last Tuesday to visit the lady who had the giant fibroid removed, as mentioned before. It was a really good shoot and it turned out great after the editing process. Don't miss it! It will be on air next week. Do look out for a famiar face in the background of the promo *blush*

I'll be on a day-trip to Melaka on Sunday. Will be visiting a lady who has shoulder problem and will be operating on Tuesday at Tawakal Hospital.

Oh yea, please get a copy of Metro Ahad this coming Sunday. There will be an article on this week's MedikTV episode, one which I did. As for this week...don't forget to tune in to TV3 and catch MedikTV tomorrow, Saturday, at 5pm. It's about breast cancer and it's one heck of a story I tell youuu..

Haih..I love my job :D


Midnight said...

...cant seem to figure out what it is that you exactly do. But it seems interesting nevertheless. Very interesting.

Irin said...

I'm a broadcast journalist doing medical documentary :)