Thursday, December 01, 2005

JB week

After 2 weeks of hard work, please make it feel worth it for me by watching MedikTV this Saturday at 5pm! One of the best episodes I should say. Don't miss it!

I was in Johor for 5 days (!!). The longest work-trip for me so far.

I was ready to cover an episode, at most 2. The morning before we left for Johor, I was told there were 3 (!!!). The best part was, all 3 surgeries were on the SAME DAY (!!!!). Initial plan of 4 days had to be extended to 5..hmph! The hospital was kind enough to arrange the surgeries accordingly so they didn't go on simultaneously. But still, it's back to back to back, in a day.

I was optimistic, took it as a challenge and was about to give it a go. I thought surgeons can do 4-5 surgeries a day, why can't we? But I was talked against it by my producer and he got Ina (my colleague, another MedikTV journalist) to come down and cover one.

Zarina Zainuddin or better known as 'Ina'

When the Wenesday@Surgeryday came, started shooting at 8am and ended around 4pm. I was drained. And that was only 2 cases! Imagine if I had proceed with another one? Good call by Mr. Producer!

MedikTV team: (from left) Mardzuki (cameraman), Gan(producer), me, Pushpa (lightingman), Mastura (presenter), Siva (technician)

Spent Thursday shooting the moderator (part where the presenter does her stuff).

At the mammogram room

Got back on Friday night, edited the whole Saturday & Monday. I had to take a break on Sunday coz Mer's family came over for raya. His niece and nephews came along and they brought the house down! So much fun to have kids around. This house is always quiet with only us adults. The only action we get is from the cats.

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