Wednesday, December 28, 2005


As disgusting as it sounds..that happened to me last night. Here's how it all began..

Instead of enjoying the long Christmas weekend, I was at the office on Sunday and Monday til night to get the editing as well as the post production done. You see, usually post production is done by an editor at the post production suite.

At the post production suite - there are more monitors and machines outside this picture

But since I've been utilizing the computer software (which supports post production) instead of the conventional machine, I've learned to do the post production as well. Basically, I've been doing something that is usually done by two people.

Conventional editing using the editing machine

Latest editing method - I like 'em monitors

When I edit, it's as if I'm in a trance, ya know. I don't realise how much time has pass and I don't seem to feel hungry throughout the whole time. Strangely, hunger only strikes just when I finish editing.

So there are times when I don't eat proper meals but felt nothing wrong...until yesterday my body finally succumbed to it.

It was a day after I finished my editing process. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling uncomfortable. I couldn't sleep til morning and felt like vomiting. This lasted throughout the day although I was busy finalizing the episode that I was working on.

A view from the computer screen - image not very clear as I was just messing around at the time

I visited the doctor at TV3's clinic, she said it was gas and gastric. Gas is logical but gastric? But I'm not in pain. In seems we don't necessarily feel pain when we have gastric (Hey, I learn something new!). She gave me some medication that didn't seem to work. Hmph!

I didn't dare eating, afraid of actually barfing in public. When I reached home, I didn't have the appetite to eat at all and it took me ages to finish a glass of water. Because it took so long, I forced myself to down as much as possible. Not a good move. Minutes happened. An amount of water I had that night was out again.

I haven't vomited since I was 6! I still remember that experience coz it happened in a packed restaurant somewhere in Alor Star..haha!

This time around I didn't cause too much of a mess. Well, I did mess up the floor but I was outside at the veranda, so it was easy to wash off.

Ah enough about barfing! I must've disgusted some of you out there..hehe! My sincere apologies ;)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hey, look what I did today! :D

If you can't figure it out, that's the designer taking my measurements lah.. ;)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Working in high gear

I was on a day trip to Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan last Tuesday to visit the lady who had the giant fibroid removed, as mentioned before. It was a really good shoot and it turned out great after the editing process. Don't miss it! It will be on air next week. Do look out for a famiar face in the background of the promo *blush*

I'll be on a day-trip to Melaka on Sunday. Will be visiting a lady who has shoulder problem and will be operating on Tuesday at Tawakal Hospital.

Oh yea, please get a copy of Metro Ahad this coming Sunday. There will be an article on this week's MedikTV episode, one which I did. As for this week...don't forget to tune in to TV3 and catch MedikTV tomorrow, Saturday, at 5pm. It's about breast cancer and it's one heck of a story I tell youuu..

Haih..I love my job :D

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Relax, that's not me..haha!

That's my cousin, Emry on his akad nikah day with Azah. He's the 2nd one amongst my cousins from my mommy's side to get married. The last wedding by a cousin was about 15 years ago. It's high time someone got hitched!

Besides attending the wedding, nothing much has happened in the past week. Been busy working on the next episode, which is about breast cancer. A heartbreaking one I should say. I followed the experience and emotions of a lady who had to get a breast removed. Check it out next week, 17 Dec!

As part of promoting the show, the doctor who conducted the operation will be a guest on Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) on Friday. Look out for him! Actually the eye doctor was a guest on MHI last Monday. He talked about the cornea transplant episode shown last weekend.

Speaking of that episode, I'm glad to say that the ratings for that episode was good! All the hard work we did to make one of the best episodes was worth it :D

This coming Tuesday, I'll be visiting the makcik who got the 7 kg tumour out of her. Many people have asked how she's doing, whether she made it through or not. Well, it's about time we pay her a little visit. This story will be featured on a special MedikTV episode coming real soon. Will update soon ;)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

JB week

After 2 weeks of hard work, please make it feel worth it for me by watching MedikTV this Saturday at 5pm! One of the best episodes I should say. Don't miss it!

I was in Johor for 5 days (!!). The longest work-trip for me so far.

I was ready to cover an episode, at most 2. The morning before we left for Johor, I was told there were 3 (!!!). The best part was, all 3 surgeries were on the SAME DAY (!!!!). Initial plan of 4 days had to be extended to 5..hmph! The hospital was kind enough to arrange the surgeries accordingly so they didn't go on simultaneously. But still, it's back to back to back, in a day.

I was optimistic, took it as a challenge and was about to give it a go. I thought surgeons can do 4-5 surgeries a day, why can't we? But I was talked against it by my producer and he got Ina (my colleague, another MedikTV journalist) to come down and cover one.

Zarina Zainuddin or better known as 'Ina'

When the Wenesday@Surgeryday came, started shooting at 8am and ended around 4pm. I was drained. And that was only 2 cases! Imagine if I had proceed with another one? Good call by Mr. Producer!

MedikTV team: (from left) Mardzuki (cameraman), Gan(producer), me, Pushpa (lightingman), Mastura (presenter), Siva (technician)

Spent Thursday shooting the moderator (part where the presenter does her stuff).

At the mammogram room

Got back on Friday night, edited the whole Saturday & Monday. I had to take a break on Sunday coz Mer's family came over for raya. His niece and nephews came along and they brought the house down! So much fun to have kids around. This house is always quiet with only us adults. The only action we get is from the cats.