Thursday, November 17, 2005

It's back baby!

My pride and joy..MedikTV is back after a month break. My next episode is scheduled for this coming Saturday at 5pm. I know many will be busy attending open houses but try to tune in ok ;)

Now this is a new thing for me: It is our practice to air the promo for the week's episode. For next week's promo, a case on Total Hip Replacement, you people will hear a familiar voice (well, for those who have heard me that is). Yeap, it's my first time doing voice over for TV. I've done it before but only as practice. Now that it's actually on air, I'm quite excited although it's only for 20 secs..hehe!

I'll start shooting again next week..yay! Things were getting a bit too boring since the last month. This time around I'll be off to Johor. Woohoo!

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