Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2005

I've been celebrating raya in KL ever since I could remember. This time around I was hoping for it to be a good one because:
  1. I spent most of previous raya at the News Department (#$%*!!)
  2. It's my last raya as a bachelorette

Much to my disappointment, it was one of the boring ones. Most of the relatives on my mom's side weren't around. Because we spent more time at that side of the family (to accompany my granny), by the time we got to my dad's side, most of my relatives have left (and they are a happening bunch too).

There aren't any nice pictures either. I have yet to raya with my favourite relatives. Til then, not much raya spirit nor pictures.

Oh yeah, I was back at work on Tuesday. It was sad looking at this rather empty space. If it weren't for the TV, we could hear a pin drop! I overcame the boredom when I went lunch at McD with Idaura and another friend, Ang. Then it was back to the same old office..zzz..

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aida said...

not so bad you know..last year i celebrate raya as a bachalorette.This year as hubby and wifey.And next year with insyallah with a baby :)