Friday, November 18, 2005

We are different

My producer decided to take MedikTV to a different level and take a different approach in producing our stories. Well just look what I got myself into..

This is my first time doing this kinna shoot and an interesting experience it was too. No, I'm not the host please :P To know more, wait til 3rd Dec. You'll be amazed..not by me but..err..hmm.. now it's difficult to describe without telling the details all together. Just wait and see lah!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Just I had my 3rd quarter performance assessment. Guess what? I passed with flying colours..woohoo! With that, my job scope was widen as well. I've been given more responsibilities and should achieve the new targets set in order to maintain my level of performance.

I'm SO motivated at the moment. All steam ahead! Bring it on!

It's back baby!

My pride and joy..MedikTV is back after a month break. My next episode is scheduled for this coming Saturday at 5pm. I know many will be busy attending open houses but try to tune in ok ;)

Now this is a new thing for me: It is our practice to air the promo for the week's episode. For next week's promo, a case on Total Hip Replacement, you people will hear a familiar voice (well, for those who have heard me that is). Yeap, it's my first time doing voice over for TV. I've done it before but only as practice. Now that it's actually on air, I'm quite excited although it's only for 20 secs..hehe!

I'll start shooting again next week..yay! Things were getting a bit too boring since the last month. This time around I'll be off to Johor. Woohoo!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Awkward no more

Recently I read this chic lit above. A story about a nanny taking care of a wonderful kid from a somewhat disfunctional family.

The story has inspired me somehow and now I'm no longer awkward around kids..just look at me! :D

My nephew ;)

When was the last time I actually volunteered to carry a baby? Never! This is a breakthrough for me..yay!! :) :) There is hope for me after all..hehe!

Lost & Found

Harry is one curious and mischievous cat. His favourite past time is jumping around the garden with the frogs. We never let him out of the our compound of fear he might get catnapped or ranover *touch wood* So we have nets fixed at the bottom part of the gate.

Our fears were confronted when he went missing. The last time anyone saw him was early Monday morning. Only at night did we realise he wasn't around. We searched under cars, beds, in toilets, cupboards..but to no avail.

I thought, "That is it. He's gone" :(

Although I was still optimistic that he'll come back, knowing cats have very good sense of direction.

Our prayers were answered when he was found waiting outside our gate early this morning. Hoooray! I'm so glad he's back in one piece. However his whole body was damp from the rain last night, plus he looked slightly thinner from the absence of proper catfood in 24 hours.

But what matters is he's back :) Hope this shall be a lesson for him not to go beyond the gate and for us to be more careful from now on.

Friday, November 11, 2005

The 'world' phenomenon

Not a day goes by without the papers mentioning the ever-so-famous world guy. I've never seen an entertainer giving this much impact to the society at lightning speed. Although the famous CT doesn't get daily coverage..err right?

World's Hari Raya openhouse was all over the front page of newspapers. Correct me if I'm wrong but does the same happen for Pak Lah's and Ministers'?

He will be in Sri Pentas this evening as a guest on the woman talk show, Wanita Hari Ini. The word has spread over the entire office and even the managers are excited! Haha..

He is labeled the 'ideal rolemodel for the young generation'. So when the story came out about his sleepover at his fiance's place, people may think "Hey, he did it so I guess it's not wrong. I can do that too. Hooray!" Haha.. But is it? As long as they get the green light from the parents so be it.

I pity the girl for being dragged into the media frenzy.

TV3's entertainment show, Melodi, has one segment where they give suprise visits to celebrities' home/office etc. It has been going on for quite a while and I don't think people complained much about it. But when they crashed world's fiance's place, it suddenly became a big issue.

It was merely entertainment. Melodi meant no harm and it all turned out well in the end. But still, they have crashed the people's role model. It will take some time for the fans to forget about the 'incident'.

He is a phenomenon, gotta admit that. He's overly exposed. But if there are no demands, there won't be this excessive coverage. We'll see how long this phenomenon will last. Give it a year maybe?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2005

I've been celebrating raya in KL ever since I could remember. This time around I was hoping for it to be a good one because:
  1. I spent most of previous raya at the News Department (#$%*!!)
  2. It's my last raya as a bachelorette

Much to my disappointment, it was one of the boring ones. Most of the relatives on my mom's side weren't around. Because we spent more time at that side of the family (to accompany my granny), by the time we got to my dad's side, most of my relatives have left (and they are a happening bunch too).

There aren't any nice pictures either. I have yet to raya with my favourite relatives. Til then, not much raya spirit nor pictures.

Oh yeah, I was back at work on Tuesday. It was sad looking at this rather empty space. If it weren't for the TV, we could hear a pin drop! I overcame the boredom when I went lunch at McD with Idaura and another friend, Ang. Then it was back to the same old office..zzz..